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Trouble with work

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roguenation Thu 05-Oct-17 19:47:59

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would start this thread to see if anyone can offer any help or advice with a problem I am having at work.

I am on a FTC with a huge public sector company and my contract is due 31st January 2018. I was originally supposed to be extended to April 2018 but HR messed up my contract, but I was verbally told that my contract extension paperwork is being completed (a month ago I was told and no one is responding to my emails as to what is happening with it).
Long story short, I told my boss I was pregnant last week as I was feeling really ill with a terrible cold and a some morning sickness. Now all of sudden my sicknesses throughout my whole employment has been brought into question because I have been flagged in the system as having 3 instances (1 half day and 1 2 week sickness which was covered with a doctors note, and now this pregnancy related one).

So, in my review earlier, my manager gave me this huge list of sickness and 'incidents' of where I have been out of the office (even though some of these 'incidents' have been covered by annual leave, making up of hours or working from home) and has now told me that my sickness and incidents are making me seem very unreliable and not committed to the company!

I feel like this is all geared towards them stopping my extension but also not paying any maternity pay that I would be eligible for (15 weeks before the baby is due is 13th January) or even something worse like trying to get rid of me.

Can anyone offer any help or advice as to where I would stand?
It's making me terribly upset and stressed, and also feeling like I can't enjoy the pregnancy because I am so worried.


confusedat23 Thu 05-Oct-17 20:37:03

You need to get a union rep involved and ensure you don't go to any of these meetings without that rep with you. If they call you into a meeting just refuse to answer the questions until a meeting is scheduled that a union rep and potentially a HR rep can attend.

Your sickness whilst pregnant is protected and as they have verbally confirmed they are extending your contract, if you were to go to ET for unfair dismissal due to pregnancy then your company would have a hard time proving that was not the case!

I hope this helps

HolyShmoly Thu 05-Oct-17 21:25:15

Confused has given you the best advice. I'd also go through that list and document the reason for each absence, if you have emails/papertrail to back it up, e.g. annual leave approval, etc, even better.
Hope you get this sorted soon.

If you aren't in a union, or if the union is a bit shit, there are plenty of support lines you can contact too, ACAS is one and I think there are a few specific maternity ones too.

clarebear1983 Thu 05-Oct-17 21:43:50

ACAS will just refer you to maternity action so best to call them direct. They are very helpful though.

boopdoop Thu 05-Oct-17 22:41:16

Another recommendation for ACAS. And the advice given above is spot on.

roguenation Fri 06-Oct-17 06:56:50

Thank you everyone.
I just can't believe some employers can be like this, just because your pregnant

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