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Had weird pains.. 18wks. Guessing it's all stretching etc.. And spells of dizziness, But my doc was a bit of an ass.

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Mum2oneds Thu 05-Oct-17 17:31:57

So for two weeks had pains well more of a discomfort which catches me off guard and worries me. But soon stops.
Whilst at gp ( for a diff reason), I mentioned it. He said it was normal unless mega painful, which is fine. As knew that would be the case I just needed to hear it from someone else iyswim.. ( with my DS I had nothing at all. No pains no other symptoms whatsoever so this is very different) but then the GP piped up and said, well you're more of a geriatric mum to be now so it will be harder on your body.. I was stunned. I'm 34 on the weekend so not old lmao.

But I forgot to mention to him. On a fair few occasions now. Whilst being Sat down or stood up.. Example chatting with my neighbour I came over really giddy. Completely out of the blue. Like when you get the whirlys when drunk. The clammy faint feeling. Then it just passes.
Has anyone had this or anything I can do.

TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Thu 05-Oct-17 17:35:26

The dizziness sounds like a blood pressure drop - very common in pregnancy and largely harmless. Your BP will be monitored and low BP isn't generally a problem - just high. If it gets bad enough it's possible you could faint, which is embarrassing and can lead to minor injury but is not in itself harmful. If you come over really dizzy, just quickly put your head between your knees or on the floor and it should pass within minutes.

Keep hydrated, eat plenty, and try not to sit or stand up too quickly.

Mum2oneds Thu 05-Oct-17 17:55:55

Thought it would be to do with blood pressure. I naturally have low BP prior to pregnancy so I'm not Suprised. Thanks x

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