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Ectopic pregnancy

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bluees Thu 05-Oct-17 05:53:29

I am around 5 weeks. Having pain at lower right abdomen. I had to call 111 ( after someone advised me on mum’s net) went to queens. Dr checked and said I might have ectopic pregnancy. I am still not bleeding. Today I will be going for my scan at hospital ( dr advised me to stay at hospital but i was too scared and wanted to come home so I refused to stay)
Dr said if scan confirms ectopic pregnancy then i might have operation.
Anyone else this experience ( I know its not a good question to ask)

SandBlue Thu 05-Oct-17 06:15:32

There is loads of good information at the ectopic pregnancy trust website if you do have a confirmed ectopic.

I had one many years ago, and the affected tube was removed by key hole surgery.
Since then I've had my two post ectopic kids, who I've just packed off to school (not in the UK at the moment).

Hopefully it is just early pregnancy stretching, and you will get good news at the scan later. Stay strong. flowers

bluees Thu 05-Oct-17 07:50:18

Thanks. I was so worried that if one tube is removed my chances for getting pregnant will be 50% but you said after tube being removed you had two healthy pregnancies.
Hopefully I can get some luck.

SandBlue Thu 05-Oct-17 09:14:39

Looking a tube does reduce the chances of pregnancy, but Not to half. The remaining tube can collect an egg from either side. Isn't the body amazing when it works like it should!!! So your fertility drops to 70-80% of the level with 2 tubes.

When is your scan?

Whiterat72 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:28:23

Hi, I had an ectopic pregnancy last Christmas & it was treated with an injection which dissolved the pregnancy so luckily I didn’t require surgery & both tubes were ok. I’m now 25 weeks pregnant 😁. When it was confirmed for me as ectopic I thought my chances of getting pregnant again were really low as all I had heard was horror stories. But just letting u know it’s not all doom & gloom. Fingers crossed for you that it’s not ectopic. Xx

bluees Thu 05-Oct-17 10:29:38

I had scan this morning around 9 am. Dr is satisfied thats it is not an ectopic pregnancy. She could see tinyyyyy sack in uterus. Means pregnancy is normal ( Thank God) but unsure about pain. She said it’s probably stretching pain and called again in two weeks to see how is everything 😐
Still having pains though but no bleeding

Expectingbsbunumber2 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:30:56

It could be stretching or trapped wind? I had that bad at the beginning

miniloco Thu 05-Oct-17 10:31:06

Mine was picked up at 6 weeks and I was able to have medical management using methotrexate, no surgery needed. An injection of the drug and monitoring of bloods to make sure hcg level was dropping. I did need 2 injections in the end. Sorry you're going through this flowers

SandBlue Thu 05-Oct-17 10:42:53

Great news! Hope the next 2 weeks go smoothly, and you see a heartbeat on the next scan.

miniloco Thu 05-Oct-17 10:58:21

Just read the update. Fab news! I had lots of pains and niggles especially in the early stages with both of my healthy pregnancies. It's totally normal.

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