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Approx 5 week and pain on right

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bluees Wed 04-Oct-17 17:27:01

I was on pill but came off since august 21st. Never had normal period since. Until last week i found out i am pregnant. Went to gp who calculated me for around 4 weeks.
Now since saturday/ sunday i am having sharp pains /cramps on lower right side. No bleeding so far. But i am getting worried. I had miscarriage before in april had same pain but it was bleeding as well.
I am having my 1st appointment on 17th oct. Any ideas what could cause pain and should I panic ? hmm

orangeowls Wed 04-Oct-17 17:42:35

I’d definitely get check by the GP as pain on one side can indicate ectopic pregnancy. Maybe give 111 a call if GP is closed.

bluees Wed 04-Oct-17 18:30:05

I did call on 111 and dr called me to hospital for check up if things are ok ( i am praying) then tomorrow again to go hospital for scan. Else they will send me to a n e today 🙁

bluees Thu 05-Oct-17 05:54:55

Thanks for your answer. I went to hospital. Gynaecologist check and said possibly it is ectopic pregnancy. Will go today for scan.

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