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CBD stuck on 2-3 :(

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Bippitybopityboo Wed 04-Oct-17 13:44:32

Did a Clear Blue digital test today. I should be 6 weeks 5 days so was expecting a 3+ but I got a 2-3 again like I did last Saturday.
I know I shouldn't have done the test and I'm so mad that I did but not om worried sick and GP won't test bloods.
Has anyone else got stuck at 2-3 what was your outcome?sad

SS81C Wed 04-Oct-17 15:04:13

Dont worry - they are notoriously unreliable mine did the same at about the same gestation - I did it again a week later and it was 3+ and I'm now over 19weeks with a very wiggly little munchkin (and actually further along than my original calculations put me meaning I was still getting 2-3 weeks at about 7 weeks)

Bippitybopityboo Wed 04-Oct-17 15:15:53

It's sent my anxiety into overdrive wish I never bloody did it now. Thanks for the reassurance!! flowers

usernamegoeshere Wed 04-Oct-17 15:16:54

did you use first pee of the day? I got myself into a tizz with these as I didnt! I got 2-3 at 1.45pm followed by a 3+ at 3pm after not drinking for a couple of hours (I did 2 close together because I was panicked about the 2-3 when I thought it should be more)

Bippitybopityboo Wed 04-Oct-17 15:18:38

Yes first wee this morning!

Bippitybopityboo Thu 05-Oct-17 19:08:20

Soo I got this this evening I know it's not a dead cert that things are going ok but it's put my mind at rest a little. I vow to do no more tsets now. Roll on the 12 week Scan. Pregnancy anxiety is such a twat blush

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