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Bleeding at 6 weeks?

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squiglyline Wed 04-Oct-17 12:30:56

Hey, so I only found out on Monday that I was pregnant. We have been trying for a year now and this was the first positive I'd ever got so yay!

Last night I had a little brown spotting (almost like watered down blood) then during the night it happened again while I was a sleep and woke up thinking I needed to pee. It was the same kind of watered down brown colour but had soaked through my pants.

This morning I woke up and wiped red gooey blood. I called my gp straight away and saw him this morning.

He said that as I'd had no pain just twinges and the blood wasn't flowing it's only when I wipe then he's not too worried but to take it easy and if I'm still bleeding in a couple of days to call back.

I'm still bleeding and getting quite emotional thinking it's a miscarriage. I'm in bed and my husband is looking after me.

Has anyone else had bleeding at 6 weeks and everything been okay?

Expectingbsbunumber2 Wed 04-Oct-17 14:10:16

Spotting is normal in the early stages, if there's no cramps then that's good. Just keep an eye

squiglyline Wed 04-Oct-17 14:18:33

It's more than spotting but not as heavy as a period. Does that make a difference? Should I try and get an early scan?

Excusemyfrench Wed 04-Oct-17 14:28:57

At this stage there is nothing you can do but wait. Its horrible and so unfair but only time will tell. Rest, be brave and hopefully the bleeding will settle. By tomorrow you will have a better picture and hopefully its just a bit of early pregnancy bleeding.

Excusemyfrench Wed 04-Oct-17 14:30:28

To answer your question if the bleeding gets heavy like a period its likely to be a miscarriage but you cant be 100% sure.
See if your local EPU can offer you a scan tomorrow.


squiglyline Wed 04-Oct-17 14:32:53

Thanks, I'm off work this week so I will try calling them again tomorrow if I'm still bleeding and get a scan. I tried calling them a few times this morning and they were engaged for over an hour so I went to my gp x

Excusemyfrench Wed 04-Oct-17 14:37:28

Your gp wont be able to help. Keep trying the EPU but most of all sit back and rest.
You dont have any control on the outcome - its horrible I know- just snuggle up together and wait it out. A lot of women experience bleeding in early pregnancy and end up with a healthy baby, try and remind yourself of that.
Best of luck x

squiglyline Wed 04-Oct-17 14:43:24

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. X

Excusemyfrench Fri 06-Oct-17 07:07:58

How are you today OP?

squiglyline Mon 09-Oct-17 11:36:55

Sorry just got this.

Bleeding lasted for 2 days, only when I wiped and not on a pad and no pain. I've spoken to the midwife who was on call and she said to wait until tomorrow and do a pregnancy test then call back and book in for an early scan and go from there.

My boobs aren't sore anymore but I have been feeling a bit nauseous so trying to stay positive but also know that if I have MC then it just wasn't the right time and we can keep trying smile

Thank you for checking in on me I appreciate it x

EastDulwichWife Mon 09-Oct-17 13:49:42

Can you go to your EPU today OP? I am 6+1 and had a bleed last week. Was terrified that I was going to mc. Scan showed a sac and yolk but nothing else and I prepared myself for the worst.

I went to my EPU today - 7 days later - and got to see a healthy looking fetus and heartbeat. The Dr said not to worry about the bleed, and that it had all but disappeared on the scan. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but try to stay positive - it may all turn out to be just fine. x

squiglyline Mon 09-Oct-17 14:29:38

I spoke to them last week when the bleeding started and they said they wouldn't see me until this week, I'll give them a call now and try get booked in on Wednesday when I'm off work. I'm so glad you had a good result from the scan. X

squiglyline Mon 09-Oct-17 14:33:30

@EastDulwichWife did the dr tell you what had caused the bleeding? My EPU is engaged I'll keep trying x

EastDulwichWife Mon 09-Oct-17 14:54:41

No, she didn't say what had caused it. TBH she seemed pretty uninterested in it, in a way that made me feel very reassured! They were able to tell that it was a bleed outside the sac, and on that basis they didn't feel the need to worry.

My EPU don't answer the phone or take appointments. It's a walk in only (9am-12pm). Yours may be similar hence lack of communication? Have a look online and see - perhaps you can just go in on Wednesday?

squiglyline Mon 09-Oct-17 14:58:41

I called the booking in number the doctor gave me and they said just to keep trying to get through to them. It's only open until 4 so will try again after school pick up x

MummyOf1Boy Mon 09-Oct-17 15:05:19

Hi squigly,

Ive had exactly what u had when i was about 4 weeks and had a scan at 5+5 and although they could only see a sac n yolk - which is normal for that early - they said everything looked healthy and no sign of why i would of been bleeding. Baring in mind i bled the morning of the scan aswell which was red and lasted for 1 hour.

Ive had 2 more separate days of bleeding, not light enough for spotting but not heavy enough for a period, and ive got another scan this week to make sure everything's as it should be.

I just keep thinking that some bleeding in early pregnancy is normal and as it doesn't last and isn't like a period I'm praying thats a good sign.

Hope you get some answers and booked into EPU xx

squiglyline Mon 09-Oct-17 15:54:01

Finally got through to the EPU and they said it sounds like a heavy implantation bless which is normal and can be confused as a CM for first time pregnancies. She has booked me in for a scan next Wednesday to check everything is going how it should. She also said to call back if anything changes or I have any questions.

Fingers crossed smile

EastDulwichWife Tue 10-Oct-17 10:57:29

Brilliant news @squiglyline. Good luck on Wednesday.

squiglyline Tue 10-Oct-17 11:14:49

@EastDulwichWife thank you. I'll post an update x

squiglyline Thu 12-Oct-17 10:18:41

So I did a couple tests this morning and both were BFN so I guess I'm back to trying again. I've still to go for my scan to confirm. X

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