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Welcome fellow big belly, nipple tweaking, (im)patiently waiting mums-to-be..... Time to join the PMA pregnancy thread

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Dollydaydream2829 Wed 27-Sep-17 10:21:09

Welcome to all the old and new PMA pregnancy ladies as we navigate our way through the amazing and not so amazing parts of pregnancy!
All welcome from all stages to help and support the transition from flat bellies and sleep filled nights to heartburn, hip pain and the growing excitement at meeting our little bundles soon!

Moo31 Wed 27-Sep-17 10:38:10

Thank you @Dolly!! This thread is going to see the birth of the first PMA babies - eeek!!! :D

EDDs (in chronological order) as follows:
@Moo31 – 10 November 2017 (Team Yellow)
@Dollydaydream2829 – 11 November (Team Yellow)
@Bakingmad83 – 16 November 2017 (Team Pink)
@BellaMoon – 20 December 2017 (Team Blue)
@Ohb0llocks – 13 November (Team Yellow?)
@Anna2006 – 4 February 2018 (Team Yellow)

@AmandaP86x – mid January 2018 (?) (Team Blue)
@Chipsahoy – March 2018 (?)

Hoping to have some new PMA grads join us soon!

Moo31 Wed 27-Sep-17 10:38:49

Sorry @ohb you should have been 2 places up #babybrain

Ohb0llocks Wed 27-Sep-17 11:18:23

Team blue here 🤗

BellaMoon Wed 27-Sep-17 12:03:33

hey lovely ladies... i cannot wait to hear the news of the first and every new arrival through this thread! i’m literally giddy with excitement!

hoping and praying for smooth arrivals for us all 🙏🏼

28 week appt this afternoon for me so excited for a wee update on how i’m doing, crutches and all 😂 😘

Ohb0llocks Wed 27-Sep-17 12:54:56

I’ve got an appointment up at the hospital at 3, had hardly any movements this morning and really panicked.

He has picked up a bit now, but not enough to make me feel reassured. I’d rather go and feel like a stupid drama queen than not go and miss something important.

cherryontopp Wed 27-Sep-17 12:56:18

Hello there.

I'm due my first baby in February 9th and its yellow smile

Ohb0llocks Wed 27-Sep-17 12:59:43

Congratulations cherry flowers

I was born in Feb, we’re awesome grin

dede124 Wed 27-Sep-17 13:09:17


I'm due 12th October and can't wait smile


Littlekezza Wed 27-Sep-17 13:18:43

Hi sorry came from another post what is a PMA ?

Ohb0llocks Wed 27-Sep-17 13:33:01

Positive mental attitude!

We did have a conception thread too which some may come from but I have no idea where it is to link it 😂

12th Oct, not long woooo!

Littlekezza Wed 27-Sep-17 13:55:44

Aww wow in that case I need some of that lol I'm 5 days overdue sad

AmandaP86x Wed 27-Sep-17 16:50:39

Hi ladies woohoo new thread!!!

EDD Jan 21st team blue 💙🤗

Sophsta Wed 27-Sep-17 17:15:10

I am still around but have so little energy in just about coping with work and then just sleeping or vegging out on the sofa.

Just had my midwife appointment and she's happy with me. I treated myself to pick and mix afterwards and now I feel sick.

I read the stuff about snowsuits Bella and it made me realise how little I know about babies!

My edd is 4/01. It feels like I've been pregnant forever and yet at the same time it's going REALLY quickly.

Hope everyone is ok.

Roseandbee Wed 27-Sep-17 17:26:44

Ooo there's a lot of November babies. I'm Jan 19th team pink

BellaMoon Wed 27-Sep-17 17:50:12

hi newbies 👋🏼 a few of us have been on previous threads together so we know a bit about each other. feel free to share any info about yourself, how your pregnancy has been going etc, specially a scan pic! i can’t get enough of them #loveapicture

oh @Sophsta i am the same! i can’t wait for my antenatal classes to start. every1 is going to hate me as i have so many questions i’ll probably make the class last twice as long!

28wk appt went well today. my blood pressure is fine & baby’s heartbeat however i had quite a bit of sugar in my sample. i had had a sugary tea about an hour or so before my appt so hoping it’s that. GTT on friday anyway so won’t be long in finding out if i have developed gestational diabetes! have everything crossed it’s not tho. so, fundal height was just over 30cm. midwife said if it had been anymore she would have referred me for a scan as that’s almost 10% over. guessing measurements are never exact so
i’m not too worried. ill get a 36 wk scan but now that baby size is on my mind i might just book a scan in next couple of weeks for reassurance (DH was 11lbs 7oz!!)

how did you get on at hospital @Ohb0llocks?

@Dollydaydream2829 have you had your baby box delivered yet? i got my leaflet to send anyway for it today. will attach a pic for any1 else in scotland who is going to apply for 1. had a lot of useful contents x

i bloody forgot to ask the midwife about flu jab. she mentioned it to me at booking in appt but i put it out my mind cos iv never had if before. should i get that round about now ladies? my GP surgery doing drop ins as of next week so i can get it no probs just don’t know timings too well xxxx

BellaMoon Wed 27-Sep-17 17:53:12

forgot the pic, duh!

BellaMoon Wed 27-Sep-17 17:54:44

@Moo31 saw this picture on instagram earlier and it made me wonder if i’d stumbled across your page lol #ladylovesgrey #greyobsessed

Ilikecakes Wed 27-Sep-17 17:58:05

Hello! Can I join? 35+4 days with DC4 so I'm a bit of a veteran now but no less excited! EDD 29 October.

After three completely uneventful pregnancies, this one gave me quite a bit of drama with heavy bleeding from 11-25 weeks so I'm very grateful to be where I am now, with only a few weeks to go.

Three boys, this one's a surprise but convinced it's another boy and am smiling sweetly at, but inwardly cursing, all the cunts who continue to say 'Oooh going for the girl?!' at every turn.

Looking forward to reading the updates on here! smile

Ilikecakes Wed 27-Sep-17 18:00:30

Oh.....and bump ENORMOUS!

Ohb0llocks Wed 27-Sep-17 18:03:55

Appointment went well, monitored him and he was moving around. Put my mind at ease and she said if you start worrying again come straight back.

She also noticed some tightenings on the machine but I couldn’t feel them!

DueNov Wed 27-Sep-17 18:05:13

Team pink due 29 November. Feel absolutly massive

AmandaP86x Wed 27-Sep-17 20:04:35

Welcome all the newbies!!!

@BellaMoon they boxes r fab. My auntie had a wee girl on Sunday she's gorgeous and she used quite a lot of the stuff as she didn't know what she was having. When I went to visit she had the wee elephant leggings on they were v cute.

Dunno why I feel so crap all of a sudden. 23+4 today. Baby not moved as much but midwife told me not to be concerned until after 24 weeks then Iv read some people say 28 before a proper pattern of movements. I really thought I would be more calm at this stage 😣🙈

Chipsahoy Wed 27-Sep-17 20:05:44

Hi all. I'm due around may 2018. 8 weeks today and the first day I haven't felt sick in weeks. Woop!
I have my booking in appointment on Saturday.i
This will be dc3.

Fab bump you have there cakes!

bakingmad83 Wed 27-Sep-17 20:07:06

Yey to the new thread!

Glad to hear all was well at the hospital for you Ohb0llocks smile

Not long now for you Ilikecakes, glad all seems to be going well for you after an eventful time in the middle of your pregnancy.

Not long for you either dede123 smile

Welcome cherryontopp smile

Hope you don't have to wait much longer littlekezza!

Bella, you can just make your appointment for your flu jab whenever. Hopefully you won't have GD, but at least if it's picked up now, you can get any extra monitoring you need sooner than later.

Thanks Moo, glad my snippets have been useful smile According to the info that comes with the CD it's not meant to matter if you fall asleep, as the suggestions are still meant to go in smile Glad you're finding the Daisy classes useful. I personally think the top and tail bowls are a bit of a gimmick, as you can just use a couple of containers/bowls you already have in - it's just an extra purchase and something else to store, but maybe that's just me smile Good to hear that baby is head down now for you and engaged. Will be interesting to see what DD is doing next week, as since 24 weeks she has been transverse then head down then breech, but still seems she moves around a fair bit based on the various places I feel kicks and punches. Not so much hips, more the back of my pelvis, like pain in my bum area, which I think spd can be, but wondering if it isn't that and I've just been overdoing my walking. Now got some intermittent pains in my upper thigh and lower leg on that side too, but that could just be down to me changing the way I'm walking to compensate. I'll mention it to mw at my 34 week appointment next week, as will then have had it a good couple of weeks.

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