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ClaireBear1986 Mon 25-Sep-17 09:00:38

Happy Monday All,

I have my 1st app with my Midwife on Monday. Is it possible at this stage to discuss changing hospitals, and does anyone know how likely it is to be agreed to?

I have been assigned to Queens Hospital in Romford (due to being a 10 min drive from there)

This petrifies me, due to all the bad reviews I have read. And everyone I have spoken to has said to do whatever I can to avoid giving birth there.

Thanks for your help.

HailLapin Mon 25-Sep-17 09:04:45

I got my doctor to write me a referal to a different hospital to our local when I was 7 weeks , everything went through pretty quickly.

You can self refer too , forms are printable online.

DeliciouslyHella Mon 25-Sep-17 09:32:22

It's definitely worth asking about. I'm from the same area and was given a choice of hospitals (I didn't go for Queens, based partially on reviews on MN).

Where are you hoping to be referred to?

IStoleThisUsername Mon 25-Sep-17 09:39:20

You can change hospitals at any stage.

I used to work at Queens in theatre.

It does have a bad rep but can I just point out that it is where most high risk pregnancies are transferred to, so it will have a higher statistic of things 'going wrong' than other hospitals. I had 2 of my children at Newham and had brilliant experiences both times but two of my sisters had their children at queens (one with complications) and they had no complaints of their care.

ClaireBear1986 Mon 25-Sep-17 09:59:10

Tbh I dont really know that much about what maternity care is available in the area, but now I know changing is an option I will do some research today.

Anyone in the area, got any reccommendations for which hospital to choose?

Might be harsh of me to judge Queens already as I have never been and so I am only going on other peoples reviews and what I have read. Maybe I should have a look round. I do have my scan there Thurs so I will see how that goes as well.

Newham is 100% no as I have persobally had very awful experiences at that hospital. And always said after the last disaster, I would never go back.

So many decisions to make, its all so confusing. But thanks all for your replies, they really do help a lot smile

HailLapin Mon 25-Sep-17 11:53:03

Heading further towards me than you , you have the Royal London , personally I wouldn't use this hospital to have my baby but that's because of a loss I experienced there. However friends and colleagues have said amazing things about about the birthing centre they use which is on the Isle of dogs. Also there's Homerton which I've heard good things about but have no experience myself.

We've opted for Guys and st Tommys which is probably out of the way for you. What about further towards Essex instead of East London?

ClaireBear1986 Mon 25-Sep-17 12:09:07

I want to be somewhere that isn't too far away from where I live.

So I think my realistic options are Romford, Basildon or Chelmsford.

I might see if I can arrange to go and view all 3.

HailLapin Mon 25-Sep-17 12:13:23

Great places to start op. Your gp will advise you if you need any help.

DeliciouslyHella Mon 25-Sep-17 14:58:31

I had DD2 in Basildon in July and the care was fantastic. I had a high risk pregnancy with complications and ended up having an EMCS. I honestly cannot fault the care we received. Would wholeheartedly recommend it.

DuggeeHugs Mon 25-Sep-17 16:38:07

I found the Which? website really helpful as it gives lots of information (from satisfaction levels to intervention rates) at each hospital:

Might be worth a look

Lozmatoz Mon 25-Sep-17 18:17:04

It's completely your choice where you want to give birth. Don't take no for an answer.

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