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What is considered as a high risk labour?

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emilyjayne1990 Sun 24-Sep-17 12:27:01

I gave birth to my little boy 2 years ago, it was a very traumatic birth and I said for a year and half I could never have anymore children because of it.
To cut a long labour short, my baby got into distress, I was rushed into another room, completely out of it on pethidine and the next thing I knew there was a doctor and 6 others in the room trying to get him out. They apparently didn't have time to get me for a c section.
They tried the suction cup thing twice and then it ended up with cutting me and using forceps. I also tore too. I lost a lot of blood as well.
I was in so so much pain for a week afterwards that I couldn't sit down for a good few days.
The health visitor originally said after that labour, it would be likely they'd give me a c section if I had another.
Well, now I'm pregnant with my 2nd (planned!) I have my booking in appointment next week with the midwife but just wondering anyone's experiences?

LubyLoo222 Sun 24-Sep-17 17:26:11

Sounds similar to mine. My midwife said i would easily get a c section, i contemplated it for a while and have been consultant led so discussed with her a few times but opted for normal delivery. However this time roumd my babys measuring over 90th centile. I had a sweep on friday which hasnt worked, Im back friday at 39+2 to see next step as now they dont want me to go beyond 40 for fear of needing emcs.

ohnowhatcanido Sun 24-Sep-17 17:34:06

I had almost exactly this same scenario. I wasn't on pethidine, just gas and air and the epidural. I was very out of it. Felt numb emotionally for quite a while. Recovery not much fun. No 'lasting' damage but definitely feel very different now. The consultant who stitched me back up saw me on the ward a day or two after and said I'd be allowed a section next time automatically as anyone with a 3rd degree tear would be. I clung to this for dear life as NO WAY would I risk more damage or put myself through that trauma again.

Now pregnant with DS2, due soon ish! Midwife at booking in said she didn't foresee a problem. First meeting with the consultant was fab. We talked it all through, but she agreed very quickly that if I wanted a section she would happily sign off on one. We meet again at 32 weeks and did just that. No issues at all. She went through the risks but didn't try and persuade me otherwise really. She understood.

My only concern is that DS 1 was a month early. The consultant has said under no circumstances will they schedule me in for any earlier than 39 weeks and I'm worried that if I go into early labour I might be left too long to make a section feasible (last time they told me I wasn't in labour for hours - turned out I was!!!) despite it being written on my notes that I will have one. I plan to speak to my midwife about it and ensure my husband knows exactly what to say to ensure I get one asap!!

emilyjayne1990 Sun 24-Sep-17 18:50:08

Thank you so much for your replies ladies!
I am debating asking for a c section this time, but it scares me. All of my friends had c sections, I'm the only one who didn't!
But, I've heard planned sections have a quicker recovery time than emergency ones. I'll have to talk to my midwife I guess about everything.
If I do go natural this time, I'll definitely be opting for an epidural!!

ohnowhatcanido Sun 24-Sep-17 19:17:40

My concern with another natural birth was not the pain - epidural worked brilliantly and I wasn't in pain during labour. More so the recovery and the damage from the tear. I am just too fearful that more pressure down there will caused internal and external damage that will need more significant repair down the line, or that I will experience problems later in life.

HOWEVER I am definitely not having another, so no risks of multiple sections or possibly labour again. I know for certain that if I have the section then I am doing all I can to avoid any more damage.

I'm anxious about the recovery but It seems more 'routine' and there are less what ifs. If I have a natural birth I may not tear as much as before, but I might tear the same, or perhaps more. I might end up with prolapse or incontinence (both seems more likely than normal because I've already been damaged down there!) I might need forceps again, I might not, perhaps I'll end up having an emergency section anyway! Too many

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