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When did you first feel babys movements?

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Lozo29 Wed 20-Sep-17 15:30:19

I was just wondering when you guys first felt your baby move? I'm 19 weeks pregnant now with my first baby and I still haven't felt any movements at all, my midwife did say to only let them know if I haven't felt anything by 24 weeks but it does worry me a little as my belly is still quite small and as I said I haven't felt anything at all.

owltrousers Wed 20-Sep-17 15:48:19

I first felt my baby at 19 weeks, it was very subtle at first! I think it really depends on the position of your baby and placenta. I wouldn't worry, you'll feel it soon smile

Expectingbsbunumber2 Wed 20-Sep-17 15:56:21

Baby is still pretty small so I wouldn't expect lots f movements yet, I did feel first movements well flutters by 18/19 weeks. Try not to worry

Chipsahoy Wed 20-Sep-17 16:00:35

I felt my first at 21 weeks. A huge out of the blue kick when I had an ice cold fizzy drink.
I learned at my scan that the placenta was at the front and so had muffled all feelings up to then.

It could be the same, or baby is just tucked up nicely at the back all snug.

Has you mw listened for the heartbeat at your appointments yet?

DeadDoorpost Wed 20-Sep-17 16:01:01

First time at 18 weeks but it took me about a week to realise what it was. Even then the movements weren't the biggest for another 3 or 4 weeks at least. My bump also didn't show until week 20.

MarmiteAndPB Wed 20-Sep-17 16:51:16

I'm 20 weeks now and I think that I've been feeling it since last week, but honestly I'm still not sure that it's not just digestive stuff! I'm going to assume that it's the baby until proven otherwise grin

MarmiteAndPB Wed 20-Sep-17 16:54:22

Also, I felt as though my bump wasn't really growing at all until a few days ago, when I looked in the mirror and thought "yep, I look pregnant". I'm not anywhere near needing maternity jeans yet (partly because I lost so much weight at the start due to morning sickness). So try not to worry too much about that. Your 20 weeks scan must be soon? Mine is tomorrow and I'm holding out on worrying because I know that either way I'll find out how things are going then.

Lemondrop99 Wed 20-Sep-17 16:57:48

Not till 22 weeks

EagleRay Wed 20-Sep-17 17:00:23

11w with first
10w with second

It was rather disconcerting! With DD2, it was immediately after being scanned and so we were able to pinpoint that it definitely was the baby

Lozo29 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:01:03

Thankyou guys smile I do try not to worry but sometimes I find it hard not to. Well at my last midwife appointment I did ask her if it was possible that I could have a listen to the baby's heartbeat but she said that they are not aloud to any more and if they were to then they would have to write down a good reason why they did for some reason, I was a little disappointed with that to be honest cos I haven't heard it yet and I would like to.

dangle90 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:02:04

About 21 weeks with twins, 24 now and they don't stop kicking smile x

AnUtterIdiot Wed 20-Sep-17 17:03:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Expectingbsbunumber2 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:09:47

That's a little strange she didn't let you know listen to the heartbeat. I listen each time I go to th midwife. I would question that??

Lozo29 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:14:27

And yes my 20 week scan will be on the 4th of October so I'm looking forward to that to see how the baby is doing. Aw, are you hoping to find out the sex of the baby tomorrow aswell?

Lozo29 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:18:25

Yeah I find it a little strange and disappointing, I didn't expect that answer when I asked, it's a shame cos I was hoping to hear it.

FruitBadger Wed 20-Sep-17 17:23:28

The day after the 20w scan with DC1 and a few days before the 20w scan with DC2. Both times the placenta has been at the front so that can act as a cushion and make it mite difficult to feel movement. Both times I've been a a bit unsure if that's what I was feeling at first, its not dissimilar to my stomach rumbling after I've had a big dinner grinblush

Expectingbsbunumber2 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:25:26

She should let you hear and it's apart if her job to be checking that. Deffo question it make sure she lets you Listen next time. Like I said each appointment I have been too I have heard the heartbeat and I didn't neee to ask

MarmiteAndPB Wed 20-Sep-17 17:32:37

Yes we're hoping to find out tomorrow. Need to get an early start on names!

Very strange answer from your midwife. Mine just said "ok shall we try to find a heartbeat?" I didn't have to ask about it and I can't understand why they wouldn't be allowed to do it. Did she listen herself? Surely that's a standard check up?

laelti Wed 20-Sep-17 17:43:45

I started to feel them around 17 weeks, but nothing really definite, I'm 20 weeks now and still no real pattern - was also told not to worry so long as I felt something before 24 weeks. Also haven't got much of a bump yet.

My midwife said they won't listen for a heartbeat until my 25 week appointment - think it might vary by where you are? I don't know how strict they are about it as I didn't question it any further!

Tigerpig Wed 20-Sep-17 17:54:16

With DD1 I didn't feel movements until 22 weeks. I remember it well as we were on holiday at the time.

19 weeks is still early especially if it's your first. Try not to worry. The second trimester is weird, you often don't feel pregnant as morning sickness eases (hopefully) and you often don't feel movements til later on.

Odd that your midwife didn't listen to heartbeat, my trust starts using the Doppler at appointments from 16 weeks.

Constantlurker Wed 20-Sep-17 17:57:19

About 21 weeks for me. I was really worried about it too and quite impatient. But then all of a sudden I got a flutter and it progressed from there really quickly. Although took until 27 weeks for DH to feel as baby was in a weird position. Am now sat on the tram at 28 weeks being karate chopped looking down at my tummy moving around, definitely not a flutter any more haha! It will be soon I am sure but I totally get how you feel.

Lemondrop99 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:57:37

Heartbeat can be hard to find at 16 weeks (assume that was your last midwife appointment?) and they won't always listen for it that early as it can cause unnecessary stress if it can't be found because baby is so small. Disappointing, but I'm sure they'll listen to it at your future appointments

Constantlurker Wed 20-Sep-17 18:00:46

On the heartbeat thing though - my midwife only checked for the first time at 26 week scan. I saw it at the 20 week scan but only heard it recently. From now onwards it's a regular thing but I don't think its standard to listen before 26 weeks. Pretty sure the NHS website said that so I never questioned it. I don't think your midwife is wrong.

Roxx1516 Wed 20-Sep-17 18:04:27

I felt fluttering in my lower stomach at 12 weeks I got my mum to feel and she said she could feel flutters and movement too, this is my third child and this is the earliest iv ever felt it move to be honest x

LadyRenoir Wed 20-Sep-17 18:57:31

21 weeks in- I think I can feel something in my very low abdomen, but not sure. A bit worried like you- we had a scan 2 weeks ago and all was well, but would feel so much more confident if I could definitely tell what it was and if all was fine!

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