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22 weeks pregnant, should my cervix feel like this?

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GMccAxo Tue 19-Sep-17 14:49:02

Ok basically me & dp was having sex as normal, after sex dp says to me that when he was using his fingers (sorry tmi but needs to be said!!) he felt something blocking him going further up (this would be my cervix) and it felt hard!

What my worry is is should my cervix be low and hard at this point in pregnancy? Google is not giving me any answers!!

Is it normal for my cervix to be low and hard? He said it felt more like the hardness of the squishy tip of your nose

Thanks for any advice

ragz134 Tue 19-Sep-17 14:50:21

Sounds fine to me. As long as he couldn't feel a gap/hole!

Rhi1996 Sun 19-Aug-18 08:06:28

I am 22 weeks also. Baby number 4. Previous bub was 30+5. My cervix is low and pointing to the side and soft. 20 weeks scan showed 36mm length... So I'm worried...

WhatAnAbsolutePenis Sun 19-Aug-18 09:19:53

The fact that it's long enough and hard enough for him to be able to feel is a good thing. It means it's shut fast and right and not letting any under cooked babies out!

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