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8 days late! 6 faint positives... unsure...

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dazedteapot Tue 19-Sep-17 09:33:36

Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong topic. Today I'm 8 days late on a 32 cycle, I've taken 6 tests (2 boots and 4 clear and simple) but all seems very faint. The top two in my picture are from this mornings first pee. Others are taken yesterday.

The reason I'm so unsure is because with my DS it was an instant slap in your face positive and I thought being this late would be more defining... 8 days after due on. Help?!

Winteriscomingneedmorewood Tue 19-Sep-17 09:36:49

Op you are def up the duff. .
Congratulations. .

Keepingupwiththejonesys Tue 19-Sep-17 09:44:44

They're positive, likely that you ovulated later than you thought. Congratulations!

LoveDeathPrizes Tue 19-Sep-17 09:50:46

They are beauties. And these ones tend to be faint until later. Do a FRER or digital if you're not happy but congratulations!!

meltingmarshmallows Tue 19-Sep-17 11:15:41

Congratulations grin

Geegee4 Tue 19-Sep-17 11:16:48


LoveDeathPrizes Tue 19-Sep-17 12:21:20

Hcg can take 72 hours to double. If you implanted on 10dpo and AF came on 14dpo that's still potentially only an hcg of about 10 if your baseline was around 2 and most tests wouldn't pick that up so it's definitely within the realm of possibility.

dazedteapot Wed 20-Sep-17 06:34:10

Hey ladies,

Sorry I haven't replied, was a whirlwind of a day with toddler tantrums and I ended up falling asleep on the sofa whilst tidying up last night.

Thanks for all the replies, I've got no money for extra tests until Friday so may wait until then, do you think the line may be any darker?

Jenijena Wed 20-Sep-17 06:36:46

You are pregnant, I wouldn't waste any more money on tests smile

PotteringAlong Wed 20-Sep-17 06:42:33

You've had 6 positive tests and your period is 8 days late and you want to spend more money on tests because you're not sure?! Really?!

PollytheDoily Wed 20-Sep-17 06:43:10


Lozmatoz Wed 20-Sep-17 06:54:52

Don't waste money on more tests! It's positive, as OP said, you probably ovulated later then you think and that's why it's faint.


Happydays21 Wed 20-Sep-17 07:01:38

If you really are 8 days late rather than 8 days past ovulation those lines are very faint. I would be cautious too and checking if they get stronger. You are definitely pregnant tho so congratulations smile

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Wed 20-Sep-17 07:05:54

Defo pregnant, and it's a good sign that the top two are darker, as that means an increase in hcg since yesterday!

As pp said, maybe just ovulated later this month.

DeadDoorpost Wed 20-Sep-17 09:58:53

Top 2 look like the ones I've got and they were just as faint until a few days later when they'd dried out. Currently 31 Weeks along. Congrats!

ibentmywookie Wed 20-Sep-17 14:29:27

I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and say that yes, I agree with you that the lines are very faint for eight days late. I would be wary of getting to excited in case it turns out to be a chemical. As the old saying goes, prepare for worst, but hope for the best.

I hope you see a stronger line on Friday.

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