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Pregnancy and morning after pill

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Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 17:51:12

First of all I hope I don't get attacked for posting on this part of mnet.

Has anyone honestly got pregnant after taking morning after pill on or one day after ovulation?

I ovulated on Thursday night and we did the deed. Both of us had talked about having our first child together and went for it. Then on Saturday I felt really scared about it all as I have physical health problems at the mo (autoimmune arthritis). So after a discussion I then I took the MAP on Saturday afternoon. As soon as I took it I regret it. I know I probably sound nuts, I'm not.

My partner also said he wishes I hadn't took it now too. I know we have next month to try.

But if ovulation has taken place, then fertilisation, can the MAP actually stop the fert egg implanting?

Sorry if this is a weird, crazy post.

Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 18:18:42

Bumping this.

Lipsy21 Sun 10-Sep-17 18:19:57

It is not unheard of so possibly. Best wishes

Livedandlearned Sun 10-Sep-17 18:20:04

I think that's essentially what it does, stops egg from implanting. Though it didn't work for me, not sure why.

Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 18:21:32

@livedandlearned so you got pregnant despite taking it? and was everything okay with your baby and pregnancy?

Livedandlearned Sun 10-Sep-17 18:23:09

Yes I did, and baby and pregnancy absolutely fine. It doesn't affect the pregnancy, literally just tries to prevent it by making womb less hospitable or preventing ovulation ( according to NHS website )

hungryhass Sun 10-Sep-17 19:23:39

I'm 11+ 5 days pregnant after taking the MAP. I've taken it numerous times before but it didn't want to work this time lol!

Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 20:06:23

@hungryhass congratulations (hopefully you feel that way), if not then I'm sorry.

Had u had the unprotected sex on your day of ovulation too?

FindingNemoandDory Sun 10-Sep-17 20:24:07

Not me but had a scare as a teen so read up, was it levonelle? Nobody certain how it works but everything indicates it's primary role is delaying or preventing ovulation and I read that if the egg is in the process of being released it can be too late. "They" think it may prevent implantation but there doesn't seem much evidence of that, also thickens cervical mucus if sperm not got there yet!

RandomMess Sun 10-Sep-17 20:25:50

My MAP baby is 20 now! All fine...

Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 21:01:10

@findingnemoanddory thank you for this. I have basically read the same that late follicular phase (ovulation time) it is basically useless. Not sure if I have fingers crossed or what lol

twinkletoesimnot Sun 10-Sep-17 21:03:07

I also have a 20 yr old MAP failure. smile

HoldOnHoldOn Sun 10-Sep-17 21:10:14

Yep failed for me! Took it 10 hrs after sex, no sickness, no upset stomach. Pregnant. Yes it was a shock. She's 7 now and amazing. I tell her she's made of tough stuff (obv don't elaborate!).

HoldOnHoldOn Sun 10-Sep-17 21:11:09

Oh should add that I was pretty sure I was ovulating around the time (discharge- apologies if tmi!)

Glamourface Sun 10-Sep-17 22:05:19

Thanks everyone. I just have to wait until I can take earliest p test. wink

RandomMess Mon 11-Sep-17 07:27:54

Thing is how could they have ever actually tested it? You never know whether you would have or have not got pregnant if you hadn't taken it IYSWIM!

Glamourface Mon 11-Sep-17 11:14:41

@Randommess that's a really good point

Rinkidink Mon 11-Sep-17 11:24:04

I got pregnant after taking MAP (but I took it at the outter limits of its effectiveness i.e. after 48 hours)

Glamourface Mon 11-Sep-17 12:36:48

@rinkidink aw okay, so it definitely is possible.

I will just have to wait it out.

HeartburnCentral Mon 11-Sep-17 12:44:24

I think the MAP is only meant to delay ovulation so if the egg was already released and waiting for fertilisation, I would assume the MAP would not be as effective

hungryhass Mon 11-Sep-17 12:58:57

@Glamourface - yes - yes I did.

Thanks very much. It wasn't planned but we are super excited now! Good luck! X

Glamourface Mon 11-Sep-17 13:17:34

@hungryhass awww good! I think I'd be exactly the same to be honest.

@heartburncentral thank you, I have been reading all the same things and I did it on day of ovulation, knew I was ovulating aswell due to the "usual" sign lol.

I calculated I took the MAP 41 hours after doing the deed. In those 41 hours the egg could definitely have been fertilised. Who knows. Can only wait until I can text.

Glamourface Mon 11-Sep-17 18:29:39


InThisTogether Mon 11-Sep-17 23:14:19

My close friend dtd on ovulation day, took the m.a.p the following day and ended up pregnant. She was devastated and ended up having a termination which was very difficult for her. I only say this as most people only know a friend of a friend, but I know it as first hand.

Glamourface Wed 13-Sep-17 00:11:57

@inthistogether thank you. I know, we all seem to know someone who has somewhere along the line. Still to early for me to test just yet though.

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