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I have the leg of a sixty year old! Any advice?

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berrysmum Sun 01-Apr-07 21:43:49

I am 26wks and am getting really bad veins on one leg. One vein is a bit bumpy but my ankle and calf are covered in what looks like bruises and spider veins. It aches a lot too. I am not overweight and my other leg is perfect (if I say so myself!)Have never had this before - what have I done wrong???! Help!

lulumama Sun 01-Apr-07 21:50:08

varicose veins, i should think

support tights , keeping legs elevated when you can, not standing for long periods, not crossing legs at the ankle or crossing legs at all when you sit.....when you sleep, try putting some towels under the matress to raise it, and this helps blood flow, and decreases puffiness....

chocolateface Sun 01-Apr-07 21:50:45

I had really bad spider veins around my ankles third time round - but they magically cleared up a few weeks after the birth - so there is hope! I tried really strong support tights whilst but they didn't help (nearly killed myself getting them on!)Rest alot with your feet up. -Still trying to figure out what to do with bumpy veins (although thy did go down a bit too)

berrysmum Sun 01-Apr-07 22:00:06

have hastily uncrossed my ankles as I read thanks lulumama! Will try all those things. My 3rd preg too chocolate face, nice to know they may clear up. Feel self conscious and dreading the Summer - will never dare to bare again! On my feet a lot at work; may have to start sitting on my bum a bit more.......

babygrand Sun 01-Apr-07 22:15:00

I have a varicose vein which appeared in one leg when I was pregnant with DD2. Everyone told me it would go away once I'd had the baby, but it didn't! Did approach the doctor about have it sorted, but she scared me silly about the op and said it wasn't worth doing. So looks like I've got to live with it. It looks HORRIBLE.

chocolateface Mon 02-Apr-07 10:31:47

Are there some foam injections you can have for veins? Has anyone had this?

berrysmum Mon 02-Apr-07 21:34:26

not heard of the injections, someone said that maybe laser could help after the birth? Will have to try something if they don't go. got some tights from Boots but couldn't get 'em over my bump!!! Forgot about that when I bought them!

chocolateface Mon 02-Apr-07 21:40:52

"Pebbles" do maternity support tights.You can buy them on the net.I think they cost about £15 each but are very suppportive.Huge effort to get them on, though, when you're pregnant!

berrysmum Mon 02-Apr-07 21:56:23

Hard enough getting a pair of socks on sometimes isn't it?! Will definitely look them up and get a pair. Going to look a bugger in them aren't I, when everyone else is showing off their beautifully tanned legs in mini skirts.......?!

Flum Tue 22-Jul-08 12:27:30

Thread ressurection (sp?) Blimey I have this exactly - could it be something more sinister - mine feels warm too. am worrie d it is DVT but flying in few weeks whenwill be 31 weeks gone and really, really, really wnt to go.

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