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ante natal screening tests for over 40s

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alondonmum Sat 31-Mar-07 14:03:20

With previous pregancies I only remember having nuchal fold screening and the routine scans. Does anyone know what antenatal screening tests I can expect being a bit older? I will be under St Thomas in London, anyone know what they'll offer? Suppose I feel a bit more anxious this time round re Downs etc

aintnomountainhighenough Sat 31-Mar-07 15:16:44

There was a thread about tests recently actually you may find it useful to look at it. For both of mine I went to the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine and found them excellent, look here:

Antenatal Screening Services

There is a new test that looks at the nasal bone however I am not sure if and where this is available.

Good luck.

jdd0709 Sat 31-Mar-07 18:20:14

routinely I think you will stillonly get offered the nuchal - but as the previous poster has said they look for more now eg nasal bone and something to do with heart valves. They may or may not also do blood tests to look for a protein associated with downs to give you a combined risk (with the nuchal). 3 years ago I had ds 1at St Thomas'and they just did nuchal with nasla bone wheras in this pg I was at Kings and they did nuchal with nasla bone plus bloods. This is the maximum you can have without the invasive tests that give you aa definitive answer (CVS or amnio) which I had to request at my age (35 - had CVS at Kings) and I think is down to the whim of your GP / your persuasive powers (or go private) - possibly at 40 they may recommend one rather than it being "voluntary".

I think all the options are summarised well here:

dancergirl3 Tue 01-Dec-15 13:33:28

I'm 46 years old and just got a terrible NT scan of 1 in 4 and a possible non visible nasal bone. The blood tests were fine and I'm having a CVS test on Thursday. Can I please talk with anyone who has had a similar experience? Thank you so much.

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