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Omg....when will this labour start!?!?

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Sasmac2017 Sun 20-Aug-17 06:53:38

Hi all....long story short. 39+5 with DC2. PainfulBH for 1.5 weeks, back pain, pooping....I could go on. I had a sweep almost a week ago, made me bleed a bit not much else. Was 2cm but still hard cervix. What is going on?? Any tips to get it going? We DTD this morning, heaps of RLT, I even pulled out the breast pump and have been using it intermittently. Will give another go later. I was induced 9 days late with my first. Please don't let that happen again!!!

chelle85 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:25:33

I feel your pain. I'm 40+4 and no sign of baby. I had a show at 37 weeks, get woken up numerous times a night with Braxton Hicks that are extremely uncomfortable and have had diarrhoea on and off for the last week. I had a sweep at 40 weeks whicj caused spotting but not much else. DTD gave me bad cramps and backache but nothing....

I've had raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, brisk walks, bouncing on ball, nipple stimulation. Baby is good and comfy and not playing along. I could cry at the thought of another week and half and then induction as I really want to avoid hospital birth

PotteringAlong Sun 20-Aug-17 08:26:36

I've had 3 children - the earliest one was born at 40 +12!

Sasmac2017 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:30:22

Omg @chelle85 - I remember your thread about the show! You poor thing you must be totally over it. What is going on with us aye? I KNOW we will have our babies soon, but geez this interim thing sucks.
@potteringalong - eff that. It must have been hell waiting and waiting......and waiting. I'm hoping to avoid that this time around sad

PotteringAlong Sun 20-Aug-17 08:37:04

TBH by the third one it wasn't too bad because I expected it. grin but yes, there was a lot of waiting.

It was number 2 that was the shortest one if that helps!

waitingfordc2 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:47:19

I feel the same here..40+1 today with DC2..had DD at 41 weeks so I was really hoping this one might come on time!

Been having braxton hicks for weeks! is back to back so constant back ache..tried everything I can to move it along-walks,dtd,bouncing on the ball..just gives me some twinges but nothing starts...

Hoping for a sweep on Wednesday when I see the midwife to try and move things along!

Sasmac2017 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:54:10

@potteringalong - well that's promising! Hopefully my DC2 arrives very soon smile

Welcome @waitingfordc2 -'s a hard waiting game isn't it. There are so many variables I suppose which determine exactly when they arrive but that 'due date' feels like some kind of Scentance. Particularly with all the twinges and pains and false alarms. I'm off to stimulate nipples and DTD 😂😂

ZigAZigAhh Sun 20-Aug-17 09:36:17

40+4 here with DC2 (DC1 was induced at 41+5!) - I'm booked in for an ELCS on Wednesday but have been hoping for a surprise appearance before then. Had lots of promising signs around my due date but absolutely nothing since then!!

Two friends who are due after me have had their babies in the last couple of days too which has made me even more impatient envy

waitingfordc2 Sun 20-Aug-17 09:49:24

Hi again zig smilewe are both still here this morning then waiting!

I saw someone last night who has just had thier DC who isn't due till September!..I was pleased for her but raging that I was still stuck here with my pot belly and no DC 2 yet!

Fingers crossed one of us on this thread goes today!

chelle85 Sun 20-Aug-17 09:52:11

ZigAZig - I knew 4 people due within a couple of weeks of me and all have babies over a week old now.

Not sure how I'm supposed to get the oxytocin flowing to kick off labour when being pregnant is making me feel so damn miserable

ZigAZigAhh Sun 20-Aug-17 11:45:04

Hi waiting - yes, still here! The only development last night was toddler DC1 barely sleeping due to having a fever, so now I am half hoping nothing happens for the next day or so to give him time to get better first. Never a dull moment!

chelle - oh no, that feels very unfair! Really hope it will be your turn very soon.

forfucksakejanet Sun 20-Aug-17 13:25:19

Today is my due date! And sweet FA happening. Tired, fat and bored!

Dc1 was born at 40+6 but I was hoping for an earlier delivery for a few reasons.

I know he'll come when he's ready but I'm ready now!!

chelle85 Sun 20-Aug-17 17:42:13

Just found out there is a solar eclipse tomorrow so hoping that will trigger baby coming....may be a bit of an old wives tale but lots of anecdotal evidence for babies being born during eclipses!

Also for me although I was given 16th as my due date I have said all along it was 5 days ahead of my own dates (would be nice for him to turn up on bang on my dates and stick it to my midwife who has refused to accept anything other than their dates!)

waitingfordc2 Sun 20-Aug-17 18:21:20

I'll take that-solar eclipse!..suits me as long as baby makes an appearance then! smile

Sasmac2017 Mon 21-Aug-17 03:32:05

Any word @chelle85?? I did a massive workout this morning, had a bath, groceries and last minute baby buying today. Fingers crossed for tonight this end 😂😂

chelle85 Mon 21-Aug-17 03:37:13

Nope. Lied here wide awake with no signs of anything yet Sasmac. Hurry up babies!!

OkPedro Mon 21-Aug-17 04:10:10

I feel for you all 💜 I was 8 days over with my dd, I faked symptoms blush and the hospital kept me in because they were quiet shock an internal seemed to start a 12 hour labour..

I was 9 days over with my ds went for a check up and they admitted me and induced me because my waters had broke (without me knowing) He was born 5 hours later...
Oh god I remember the awful waiting around! I wouldn't do it again, not even for a million quid 😂

Sasmac2017 Mon 21-Aug-17 07:11:27

Aww @chelle85. Bummer. Let's hope today/tonight. Not sure of your Timezone. I'm just heading into night now. Had some bad menstrual type cramps today but not much else. I'm due tomorrow (22nd). We did a sweepstakes at home I guessed the 25th, my 5 yr old son is adamant I'm going into labour tonight. He's probably right, he always is haha.
@okpedro - omg.....everyday is like a week at the end! I finished work 3 weeks ago. It honestly feels like 3 yrs ago!
Imagine if we all went tonight 👍🤗

chelle85 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:01:42

Ah your ahead of me then Sasmac. 8am on 21st here now. Last post was at 3.45am when I was sat wide awake. Seem to be woken up at least every hour and half with strong Braxton Hicks. But it has been every night for weeks and I get hardly any during the day.

Keeping my fingers crossed we all go today

ZigAZigAhh Mon 21-Aug-17 08:16:27

A solar eclipse sounds promising - sending everyone best wishes for today!

I've woken up with period-type cramping which is on and off at the moment but this is exactly what kept happening last week (with no result) so I'm not getting too excited.

chelle85 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:34:40

Its so cruel when you get symptoms like that that come to nothing! Fingers crossed its the real thing for you this time ZigaZigAh

waitingfordc2 Mon 21-Aug-17 10:22:29

Same here-nothing happening apart from braxton hicks and abit of a bad tummy (tmi) but my DH has been on annual leave the last 2 weeks (booked before we knew I was having DC2 as our DD's birthday is also in August so we like to have some time with her over her birthday)..anyway he's back in work now until the baby comes and he starts his paternity leave so hoping labour starts when he's home rather than at work and have to get him home. I've got my dad here keeping me company with DD but evertime I move he thinks it's starting! good luck for everyone that today's the day!

ZigAZigAhh Mon 21-Aug-17 13:15:54

Haha waiting - I've just had to send my DF and DM out for the afternoon because they were driving me mad asking "are you ok?!" every time I moved/sighed/frowned!

Thanks chelle - the cramps have disappeared (again!) angry hope you are having better luck!

Surely it must be someone's day today!

forfucksakejanet Mon 21-Aug-17 14:05:35

Aaah ladies are we all still here?!

Went for my 40+1 midwife appointment this morning, she's booked me in for a sweep next Wednesday when I'll be 40+10, and be induced at 40+12 confused

No symptoms or signs to report. Rubbish!!

waitingfordc2 Mon 21-Aug-17 14:50:58

What did the midwife say to you?..I've got an app on Weds and I'll be 40+4 by then and I was hoping for a sweep..I'm not waiting another week on top of that till 40+11 for a sweep!..if she refuses Wednesday I was going to ask to see another midwife..with my DD my waters went at 40+5 so I'm hoping for the same here as once my waters have gone the clock is then ticking at least!

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