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Consultation and abortion same day

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momoh Thu 17-Aug-17 15:13:32

Hi, does anyone have any experience of attending a same day consultation and abortion (EMA) at bpas? I really don't know what to expect on the day so If someone can just enlighten me that would be great. Thanks.

effs Fri 18-Aug-17 12:29:58


I'm not sure if this will help but I had mine however a day apart:

In the consultation I had a scan and then they sat down and discussed with me the situation and why I was there. There was paper work and forms to fill out and I also had to have a blood test. I found this very emotional but the nurse was lovely and supportive.

On the second part I then had to take the tablet, two nurses were there to make sure I swallowed it and I also had to fill out lots of forms.

I then had to wait in the waiting room for an hour, the tablet was large and difficult to swallow and made me feel very sick. After an hour I was allowed to leave.

Hope this helps.

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 14:39:02

@effs Hi, thanks for replying. Did you take the one pill or was there a few? I've been told to expect to wait 3-4 hours. I just want it over and done with. I have a 6 month old whom I'll be leaving at home with my husband. I just want to get back to my baby to be honest.

effs Fri 18-Aug-17 15:56:56

After the first tablet I had to wait 24 hours and was then given a tablet which was placed inside of me to open my cervix. After this I was told to go for a walk which would help it begin and I would say around two hours after this it started. This was two years ago so things may have changed since then and all places are different.

flickertee Fri 18-Aug-17 16:08:53

From what I recall (years ago, it may have all changed). Legally they have to give you 24(?) hrs between consultation and procedure (even if that is "only" taking the pill) to ensure you are mentally ready and not doing it on the spur of the moment.

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 18:19:16

Update: I rang BPAS and asked them directly. They said that initially there will be a consultation where medical checks will take place and scan etc. This can take up to 2 hours. If all is good and I am under 9 weeks they can give both sets of pills together and then I'm free to go.

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