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Is this baby ever coming out !!

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giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 02:47:45

So I'm due on Tuesday 15 august and it's mad to think that she is due in 2 days !!! Is it just me or does everyone get annoyed at the "any signs yet", "this baby is taking forever" etc I know people are just as eggar to meet this little one just as much as I am but I'm just sick and tired of it all. Also my father in law has also already booked when his coming down and what time and it's like I don't know if she's gonna be here by then. Does anybody else feel like this.

Ookmybanana Sun 13-Aug-17 03:32:31

Yes. I gave birth yesterday and went 15 days after my due date. I know people mean well when they ask but it can be very annoying fielding questions. Baby comes when they're ready!

NinaMarieP Sun 13-Aug-17 03:49:21

Yes, I went 6 days over and got tired of the well-meaning "any signs" yet messages from friends and family. Especially those that were very disheartened by me saying no, before my due date! Excuse me, you're impatient??

giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 03:56:31

Aww congratulations @Ookmybanana and yea it annoys me and also this being my first every one with a baby/child always says you've got all this to come and this is what your child will do, iv gotten to the point of it just pisses me off and I try explaining to DP how it make me feel he just doesn't understands and it makes me feel like I'm being ungrateful and should except everything people say like I don't know anything at all.

giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 03:57:47

@NinaMarieP yea it's like there more upset then me and tired of waiting it's like excuse me who's carrying the baby? Lol

NinaMarieP Sun 13-Aug-17 04:23:05

I constantly got "enjoy the time while you can," "enjoy sleeping while you can" and all that. I couldn't enjoy very much as I was so uncomfortable!

tequilaitmakesmehapppy Sun 13-Aug-17 05:20:22

I feel exactly the same.

My due date was a week ago. I'm in no hurry, I know within a week the baby will be here one way or another so just sat back trying to enjoy the peace while it lasts.


Oh my god

The incessant texts and phone callsangry

People asking how I'm feeling, any news, any signs, any 'niggles' confused

Some people even asking if I've had a show? a sweep? leaked any waters?have I dilated at all?
Fuck off shock

People wouldn't ask such invasive questions in any other situation. Say someone had some kind of gyne surgery or whatever, I'm sure nobody would ask about the state of their cervix or whether anything had left their vagina grin

I just feel mithered and want to be left alone unless they want to talk about normal stuff! Until I hit about 39 weeks nobody cared, now it's like I'm depriving everyone I know of this baby on purpose! grin

whinetime89 Sun 13-Aug-17 05:33:36

my second was 12 days over and people drove me mad. Especially my dad who kept banging on about when they would induce me etc I had a midwife assissted homebirth which he didnt support ( like i actually gave two shits).
For my 3rd I added 2 weeks to my due date so no more pesky questions

giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 06:07:23

I swear people just don't understand and yes the questions about my cervix like really are you now my mw it's gotten to the point where my partners work has started asking questions about my waters and cervix and there all male like why do you want to know that and yes they make it feel like I'm keeping her in there so no one can meet her !!

giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 06:08:05

@whinetime89 that is such a good idea should definitely do that next time around.

BellyBean Sun 13-Aug-17 09:06:11

Really wish I'd added a couple of weeks to my due date. Currently 9 days overdue and not being induced til wed.

Only thing Is with it being my second, my inlaws need to know the truth as looking after dd1 and mil has been the worst!

PuddingPie16 Sun 13-Aug-17 14:13:46

Haha! Couldn't agree anymore with these posts! So glad we are all in the same boat!

I was due last week and get texts and calls everyday asking if the baby is here yet as that person can't wait much longer...Haha. Always from the people that barely bothered for most of the pregnancy until now or people who had their babies before 40w so assume you will too!

"Any movement yet?" "Awww you must be feeling terrible and fed up..." "Tell the baby to hurry up". I have an induction date and my OH brother's birthday is two days after the induction..."He better not arrive on my birthday." Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Selfish git.

Just a bit of advice for the future, my midwife said she lied to people and said her due date was two weeks after the real date so the baby arrived before the real pestering started....great idea!!

PuddingPie16 Sun 13-Aug-17 14:15:32

Ah the two week fib has already been mentioned...sorry ladies!

ShreeD Sun 13-Aug-17 15:27:54

Don't forget that the statistics suggest that only 1 in 20 pregnancies actually deliver on the estimated due date, which is calculated on a regular 28 day cycle or by ultrasound, so it's really not unusual to go over - especially if this is your first pregnancy

Gothbaby Sun 13-Aug-17 15:34:04

I'm exactly the same. Due Tuesday and I am so so sooooo fed up of being pregnant. Like I know I'm gonna miss it and what not but I want to lie on my tummy again, I want to meet my baby, I want labour to come and be done with. Rather than be anxious all the time about it . I feel your pain OP xxxx

giraffeaddict99 Sun 13-Aug-17 17:32:48

I'm am so comfortable with carrying my baby girl could happily go another few weeks but with everyone pestering on about is the baby here of any signs yet I just feel like pulling her out of my stomach and just shoving her in people's faces like here are you happy now angry Just so they can lose interest after meeting her and I can go back to my life.

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