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Increased braxton hicks just before labour?

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tequilaitmakesmehapppy Sat 12-Aug-17 22:06:05

In my 40th week.

Silently wondering whether I could be in the early stages of labour... Don't want to over excite DH or anything yet ha ha!

Have been having pretty much constant braxton hicks all day, way way more than I'm used to. Several tightenings every 1-2 hours instead of just a few across the whole day.

Just started with some lower back pains too.

Nothing major going on, I just feel, odd!


hellomarshmallow Sat 12-Aug-17 22:08:36

It could be.. but I had that for a week and still no Labour (had an ELCS).

SlaveToDisney Sat 12-Aug-17 22:08:55

It could be the start of labor it mihht not be! No one can really tell but if you jusy feel a bit odd it could be as I remember feeling a bit odd but couldn't put my finger on it the whole day before I went into labor. Either way have a nice bath and do something relaxing and something you enjoy it will pass the time and if it is labor starting you probably won't have much time to relax in the first few weeks! Also a hot bath could ease your back pain.

SlaveToDisney Sat 12-Aug-17 22:09:27

Apologies for all the typos.

tequilaitmakesmehapppy Sat 12-Aug-17 22:11:13


Not holding out much hope, had lots of little stop start symptoms and things over the last couple of weeks.

Just pondering as something feels different tonight, I just feel weird ha ha!

Sasmac2017 Sat 12-Aug-17 22:15:11

@tequilaitmakesmehappy - how are you going?? I'm 38+6 with DC2. I've had similar for the past 4 days and still no baby. It's frustrating! My first son was two weeks late (induced) and never felt any niggles/cramps. I've been wondering the same for days, but have now made peace with and accepted that my baby will come when he's ready to. smile I hope it's the start for you and all the best!

Gothbaby Sat 12-Aug-17 22:47:04

I've had braxton hicks but they were no where near as consistent or regular! I think it is common near labour but if you can measure time and what not it sound s like early labour x

calimommy Sun 13-Aug-17 06:30:56

With my second I had BH throughout the pregnancy, intermittently, but had noticeably stronger ones the morning I gave birth. I remember having coffee in bed and thinking they were fairly tight but thought no more about it until an hour later when I was standing in the kitchen and one BH broke my membranes! It was fast and furious after that... and I was only 37+4 so I had just duckied myself up for coffee at a market +/- a few beauty treatments while DS1 was in crèche...

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