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Maternity leggings!

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purpleoasis Fri 11-Aug-17 10:26:39

Where where where can I get some maternity leggings that aren't see through and that actually go over the bump confused

I've tried h and m jeggings, new look and ASOS but hate the feeling of the hard jean bit and then the soft bump added material! Much prefer leggings but also don't like showing my bum off and my wobbly legs.

I've tried ASOS, eBay, h and m and they're all rubbish sad

pa55methecake Fri 11-Aug-17 10:32:52

I have the h&m organic leggings and really like them and the bump part is made from the same material so I find them really comfy. Problem is trying to find nice long tops to cover my bum!

Oysterbabe Fri 11-Aug-17 10:35:59

I have new look, Gap and Serephine and they're all good. Not see through but I tend to wear long tops or dresses anyway.

welshweasel Fri 11-Aug-17 10:38:09

I thought they were all shit and just carried on wearing Sainsburys's luxury leggings (the £10 ones) as they were high waisted enough to cover the bump. The maternity ones all sagged and fell down over the course of the day.

ijustwannadance Fri 11-Aug-17 10:39:28

I just wear asos normal high waist leggings. They cover my bump. I tried the maternity ones but hated them because they felt odd being high at the front but low at the back.

Dorothy perkins do maternity leggings too.

Would you wear under the bump ones but with a bump band instead?

WowserBowser Fri 11-Aug-17 10:40:52

I just carried on wearing normal leggings (in a size up) and wore them under my bump.

Megha22 Fri 11-Aug-17 11:35:32

I advice marks and Spencer, their stuff lasts longer and the quality is very good for sure, buy all the colors so that you have enough to change!

Orangebird69 Fri 11-Aug-17 11:37:31

They were a bit see through (I've never found a pair that aren't tbh) but Peacocks maternity leggings are over the bump and really comfy.

Orangebird69 Fri 11-Aug-17 11:39:19

Or maybe look for cropped leggings/jeggings in the tall section of Next/New look/Dotty Ps? There's extra inches built into the length from crotch to waist which might help?

wetpebbles Fri 11-Aug-17 11:50:22

Sainsbury's 2 for £10 saw me through my pregnancy and I'm still wearing them 7 months later.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Fri 11-Aug-17 12:03:21

Ive been living in asda maternity leggings

Padfoot1 Fri 11-Aug-17 12:09:31

Asda leggings are great and not see through - very comfortable sometimes still wear them 4 months post partum

RedPandaMama Fri 11-Aug-17 12:09:32

I found actual maternity leggings a waste of time and expensive. Tesco normal leggings one side up from what I usually wear are amazing! Thick, opaque, supportive and very high waisted x

PurpleTygrrr Fri 11-Aug-17 12:20:43

I got mine from Very. They go right over the bump and aren't see through! I tried just wearing normal ones but I don't like how they sit on my belly! They're really comfy!

purpleoasis Fri 11-Aug-17 12:49:38

I've tried buying a size up but does no one find they sag at the knee?

Not tried very or gap I'll have a go! Asda don't have my size sad

Someone needs to make nice ones they'd sell out

FrizzyTizzy Fri 11-Aug-17 12:53:38

Im currently using these JoJo leggings & they are by far the comfiest things I've ever worn. They go right over the bump & are so soft. Would definitely recommend them.

2furbabies Fri 11-Aug-17 12:56:12

I saved sooooo much money but just buying primark leggings 5 sizes too big the waist band is so big it goes over bump no problems no squeezing and weren't see through xx

Clarabell33 Fri 11-Aug-17 13:12:23

I had some great ones from Primark a couple of years ago. Unsure if they still do them or have them in stock (was very hit and miss when I was pregnant), but they were fantastic... stayed up, comfortable and thick enough that I actually wore them as gym leggings too with no transparency issues wink

I also had their massive over-bump maternity knickers. I was pregnant in winter and it was sooo cosy!

mummabubs Fri 11-Aug-17 13:40:40

That surprises me that you've tried H&M as I've decided I'm living in their maternity leggings for the rest of my life! 😂 I got the organic cotton ones too as mentioned by PP, think they were £8.99 or something like that, perfect length and really soft over bump. Do they do some that aren't the organic ones as maybe that's the difference?

mummabubs Fri 11-Aug-17 13:41:30

Ohhhh, just seen you tried the H&M jeggings... leggings are way more comfy!

Mixedupmummy Fri 11-Aug-17 13:53:42

I second the vote for jojo

Urglewurgle Fri 11-Aug-17 14:17:32

After trying new look and boo hoo maternity leggings (the waistband was weird, didn't fit right on legs, generally uncomfortable) I just sized up on my usual next leggings.

Mum2oneds Fri 11-Aug-17 14:21:21

Asda £14 for two pack. I'm normal a 12. Got a 14.. I have room in them for a quad bump lol. Off today to buy some bigger normal ones for now. As Altho I'm early I am not comfortable in my normal sizes. But bit too early for maternity x

Lules Fri 11-Aug-17 14:26:49

Do the H&M ones have seams? I bought some from new look but the seam is too itchy. What I actually want are the footless tights I had from boots last time but they've been sold out for months and I only have one pair left! I don't care if they're see through as I wear them with dresses.

purpleoasis Fri 11-Aug-17 14:28:50

@mummabubs what's the sizing like? They always look see through in the shop!

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