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Staying posifrickentive- Thread 18 for ladies pg after mc

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AnUtterIdiot Tue 08-Aug-17 15:07:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmyB1986 Tue 08-Aug-17 15:28:03

Thanks @AnUtterIdiot for the new thread... place marking

TheLegendOfBeans Tue 08-Aug-17 15:41:46

Quick placemark...

theotherendofthesockportal Tue 08-Aug-17 15:51:49

Checking in smile

FuzzyOwl Tue 08-Aug-17 15:57:20

Thanks for the new thread.

mammabear4 Tue 08-Aug-17 16:19:07

Thanks utter!! Placemarking smile

Miami81 Tue 08-Aug-17 16:39:09

Just checking in.
20 week scan tomorrow morning. Shitting myself. Trying to stay distracted, happily work is manic.

whyhastherumgone Tue 08-Aug-17 16:42:52

hey everyone. glad to see scans etc are going well and so sorry to hear your sad news pies

I'm feeling a bit down today. I feel like my symptoms were getting stronger last week - hadn't had much nausea up until that point - but they seem to have really faded since sunday :-/ i should be seven + 3 now but had a mmc at 6 last year, found out at nine, and can't seem to stop obsessing today that something has gone wrongness because of my lack of symptoms sad

AnUtterIdiot Tue 08-Aug-17 16:45:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Tue 08-Aug-17 16:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harrietm87 Tue 08-Aug-17 17:06:09

Hi everyone, just checking in. Didn't post much on the last thread as it's such early days for me and still so nervous.

I've had 3 consecutive mcs and now 4+6. I'm on prednisolone, progesterone and intralipids after being diagnosed with high NK cells (privately, as the NHS don't believe in it!). First scan is just under 2 weeks away at 6+5. Hope I make it that far!

Thissameearth Tue 08-Aug-17 17:11:37

Hi whyhastherum I felt my symptoms fade a bit and was upset (early miscarriage two months before plus had had early red bleeding with my current pregnancy)...then they came back with a vengeance and I was pleased and also šŸ¤¢. My husband was bemused. But I didn't have linear symptoms it was up and down so hopefully doesn't meant anything.

Smurf123 Tue 08-Aug-17 17:53:19

Place marking šŸ™‚ thanks for the new thread..
Good luck for tomorrow miami hope it all goes well for you šŸ™‚
I had a private scan yesterday so measuring 7+3 and heartbeat seen and "a nice round pregnancy sac".. Fingers crossed and touch wood all looked good yesterday.. Which makes me further along now than I've gotten before.. Not long gone from work and in in bed absolutely knackered...
Hope everyone keeping well and good luck to those who have scans soon!

peachgreen Tue 08-Aug-17 20:03:27

Thanks @AnUtterIdiot smile

16 week went well! At first midwife said they don't listen for the heartbeat in case they can't find it but I think she saw my face crumple and relented to try. Took a while (anterior placenta!) but she got there and all was good. Phew!

We've booked a private gender scan for 3 weeks time so now just counting down the days!

mogulfield Tue 08-Aug-17 20:30:52

Great news peach šŸ˜€ Good luck to those waiting for scans! If only we could see in there when we wanted.
My symptoms come and go, I thought they were better yesterday but I feel really really rubbish today šŸ¤¢

mogulfield Tue 08-Aug-17 20:34:18

And good news smurf one hurdle overcome!

WLMcI Tue 08-Aug-17 20:35:42

Oh wonderful news @Smurf and @peachgreen!!! NI buddies smile

Good luck tomorrow @Miami and the next day @Utter smile. My 20-week scan is next Monday, and I haven't been sleeping well for the past few days so I get that... X

itsgoingtoofast Tue 08-Aug-17 21:41:02

Thanks for the new thread!

I plucked up the courage to call EPU and get booked in for my early scan. Had a chat about dates and from this we think I'm perhaps a week further on than i originally thought, so around 6 weeks today. Booked in for a scan 2 weeks tomorrow!

Symptoms are strong; exhausted, achy boobs and so nauseous. Also insomnia which is also lovely šŸ˜Š. Hoping it's all a good sign and trying to stay positive, but I'm definitely having my moments.

rider1975 Tue 08-Aug-17 23:02:26

Good luck with the scans tomorrow - hope you're all tucked up sleeping well
No symptoms today - always a worry - even my 3 day no poo run finally broke today. Never been so constipated - where's the prunes emoji :-/

mammabear4 Wed 09-Aug-17 02:43:48

Congrats on the scans smurf and peach!!

19 weeks on Friday. Struggling to sleep tonight... doubts are creeping in as the 20 week scan approaches... I really feel like I should have felt movement by now even though rationally I know it could still be a few weeks. And with my DD I know I didn't really feel any movement until after the 20 week scan due to the anterior placenta which may be the case again - just can't get rid of this nagging negative thought sad

mogulfield Wed 09-Aug-17 06:23:24

mamma I didn't think I'd had movement and then at my 20 week scan I saw my son kicking and felt something I'd be feeling for a few weeks and realised I had! I just didn't realise if that makes sense! It felt like flutters but I just wasn't convinced.
This time around il know what to look out for. I hope you have the same lovely experience smile

SayItIsntSo1 Wed 09-Aug-17 09:37:48

Checking in!

33+2 so about 6 weeks to go. Really hoping I get a baby before thread 18 is full. Not sure who is still around from the ladies that are later on in their pregnancies?

Good luck today @miami!

whyhastherumgone Wed 09-Aug-17 10:18:04

Thanks @Thissameearth and @anutteridiot - I was complaining last week because I felt so painfully bloated and uncomfortable as well as feeling a bit sicky, and now I'm complaining because it's gone! I'm still tired, still not sleeping well, boobs still a bit store but I guess I don't feel as pregnant as I did last week which is making me worry. I am going to book a private scan for next week if I can get up the nerve - although I really want to know, I'm also so nervous already and I haven't even booked anything.

I just keep trying to tell myself that there's no reason the same thing should happen again and that if it does, DH and I will deal with it and get through it like we did before, so just got to try not to worry. Easier said than done though!

Good luck to everyone with appointments coming up, and pleased to see all the good news :D

Hazandduck Wed 09-Aug-17 12:08:17

Hi all thanks for the new thread @utter.

Have found time is going to fast and I had loads to catch up on with the thread. So happy to see the lovely scans @brenna and @mogul!

I'm still here @say, wow not long to go for you. 26 +2 now, and have got to the "my god my back/legs/everything hurts when I wake up" stage, and couldn't be more grateful to be here still. I love every ache, thump, stomach-turning kick! I can't believe in 2 weeks I'll be third trimester.

In regard to the muted parent reaction discussion, I had the same from my dad and sister, when I told them (after a healthy private 11 week scan) they both told me they didn't want to know yet and covered their ears and said don't talk about it. I felt really sad at the reaction, they said it's because they will worry too much, but I felt like saying how do you think I've felt for the last few months not telling a soul and being scared to go to the toilet in case there's blood?! They are brilliant now, I think everyone just reacts differently and is affected differently by miscarriage, even our friends and family, just like any other death I suppose. It's still so hard to cope with though.

Hope everyone is well smile x

Miami81 Wed 09-Aug-17 13:01:14

Hi all
20 week scan today all went well. Can't believe how much detail you see. It's a girl. We are so excited. Still a small bit muted but it seems so real now.

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