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Only 28 weeks but measuring 35

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Choirofangles Mon 24-Jul-17 19:20:30

This is my second pregnancy, and in my first I consistently measured three weeks ahead throughout the third trimester only to give birth to a modestly sized 7lb 12 baby at 39 weeks, so I know big measurements don't always mean huge babies.

However, I was a bit shaken to be told today that I'm measuring 35cm at exactly 28 weeks. Two midwives got the same measurement and said it feels like it's all baby, not extra fluid. They've referred me for an extra scan but weren't hugely concerned, saying that a big baby is no problem. I can't help but feel that it may be no problem for them, but my vagina may feel differently.

Has anyone measured as big as this but had a nice straightforward delivery of a lovely average sized baby? I was hoping for another water birth but now I'm googling all sorts. Please tell me reassuring things!

Flowerpower Mon 24-Jul-17 20:54:49

Hi, congrats on your pregnancy. I would probably wait and see what they say at the next few scans, you will probably be scanned every 2 weeks now I imagine and they will have a better idea when you get to around 36 weeks.

I'm pregnant at the moment and measuring big. At 36 weeks my baby is measuring at 40 weeks and I have extra fluid too. They've decided a c section would be best for me but not until 38 weeks (which is nxt wk!) due to the size and risk of him getting stuck if they induced me. He's was measuring big from 30 weeks but they like to leave you as long as they can I think.

I personally don't know how accurate these scans are, some people who are told they are having big babies end up with little wee toots.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Mon 24-Jul-17 23:46:08

Try not to worry. I measured huge for the last part of my pregnancy, and I had a perfectly normal birth, and a non-gigantic 8.11lb baby. They can only tell so much from the outside of your body, if there was any real concern I'm sure they would have sent you for a scan. smile

TiffanyAtBreakfast Mon 24-Jul-17 23:47:24

Oh sorry, just seen they have sent you for a scan. I was scanned too and the sonographer just said, 'yep, nice chunky healthy baby' and sent me on my way.

fatfingeredfran Tue 25-Jul-17 02:41:55

Hi OP 👋

I'm in a similar position. Been measuring 5-6 weeks ahead in terms of fundal height for a while now. Been for 2 growth scans that put baby on 95-100 percentile. Kept asking midwife about gestational diabetes she kept declining to test as I don't have a BMI over 30 or any other risk factors. However at each scan, the sonographers kept telling me it's protocol to test if measuring large. I insisted she order the test and turns out I do have GD hence the big baby. However I'm not very late on, and the hospital are now rushing to get me seen ASAP and will need to switch to a consultant led delivery.

Lesson learned - please insist on the GD test!!!

Choirofangles Tue 25-Jul-17 15:34:05

Thanks for all responses. I'm hoping they just say he's a bit of a chunk and send me on my way after the scan but my mind is racing about gestational diabetes, induction and c sections.

Choirofangles Wed 26-Jul-17 08:11:42

@fatfingeredfran how frustrating to have to push to get the GD diagnosed. Have they said anything about how being switched to consultant led might affect your options for labour and delivery? I'm a bit clueless about how much it might affect things.

fatfingeredfran Wed 26-Jul-17 09:08:12

They haven't said much and my midwife is absolutely useless. Had to push to get a referral to a consultant. Waiting to see the consultant in a few days so will see what they say then.

Midwife is clueless about the risks to baby and doesn't seem at all bothered, despite increased risk of stillbirth, the baby needing new natal care and birth trauma for me due to baby size. Useless.

I've found you need to really argue and stand your ground to get a decent standard of care.

willymcwill Thu 27-Jul-17 12:23:42

After your scan your scan the consultant will probably refer you for a GTT, and then treat accordingly dependent on the results. I have big babies (and have never had GD) and have never been referred for a section purely because of their sizes (disclaimer: I have had three sections, but for other reasons unrelated to size).

I've had a big baby with low fluid, a big baby with normal fluid and two with high fluid, so amount of fluid doesn't necessarily indicate a bigger baby is inevitable. And the accuracy of the fundal height measurement is to be questioned (to be fair, scan measurements are only to within 10% as well, and a lot hinges on how good the sonographer is too), so try not to worry.

willymcwill Thu 27-Jul-17 12:26:02

When you have the scan the tummy measurement being much larger than the others could indicate GD, but no necessarily so. When going for my VBAC I was always more interested in the head measurement!! This baby has a 90th head, 100th tummy and 100th legs... so just big overall. Dd had a huge tummy but head was just above average as were her legs - she did come out 9.5lbs but not particularly massive looking!

Choirofangles Thu 27-Jul-17 15:14:54

fatfingeredfran hope you get some answers at your consultant appointment. It sounds like you've had a hard time getting much information so far.

Thanks willymcwill. I understand your interest in the head measurement over any other! My partner has a huge head (can't buy hats that fit anywhere) and I was worried in my first pregnancy but DD's head was bang on average when she was born. It's massive now, but all the growing took place after she'd come out, which was a great relief.

I'm still waiting for the scan letter. I know it's only been a few days so I'm trying not to get impatient, and there are unlikely to be clear answers then anyway, but I just want to gauge their level of concern. I might just be fretting about nothing. I really hope I am.

Choirofangles Wed 02-Aug-17 19:11:00

I had my scan today, and the baby is apparently bang on for dates. The midwife rolled her eyes at the ones who measured me last week, then had a go herself with the tape measure and said I'm 29, which is a bit of a drop from the supposed 35 last week. Weird! Looks like there really is massive variation depending on who's holding the tape measure. I'm now back to being low risk and no further scans required for the time being.

fatfingeredfran Wed 02-Aug-17 19:15:25

That's fab news OP 👍🏼

MrsG841 Wed 02-Aug-17 19:17:23

Tape measure method is hugely inaccurate and find it irritating personally that they still do it...tbf even scans are 2 week either way inaccurate.

Choirofangles Wed 02-Aug-17 19:19:55

Yes, even the scan and today's measurement could be totally wrong, but I'm just happy that they weren't all pointing at an absolutely enormous baby. It looks like I've got a good chance at least of having an average-sized one.

MrsG841 Wed 02-Aug-17 19:25:14

Fingers crossed for you OP

With DD i was told she would be big due to me being overweight (she was 6 days late and 6lb 8oz)

2 years later and im told i could have really small baby due to being overweight (DS was week early due to elcs and he was 7lb)

So i know how scary it can be when they tell you this kind of thing!

Good luck for the birth...hope it goes smoothly for you 😊

mummabubs Wed 02-Aug-17 20:19:22

I've had a very similar experience OP- I'm 30 weeks and last week midwife measured me as being 3 weeks behind and left me at below the 5th percentile so I was referred for a grow scan straight away... which we went to hospital for a scan and baby emerged bang on 50th percentile (completely average!) I'd already heard/guessed that the tape measure method isn't that accurate, the midwife at hospital reckoned it's about 30% accurate so there's a lesson there not to worry too much about what the tape measure says! Xx

GemmaM26 Wed 29-Nov-17 17:47:29

How long did it take for your appointment to come through for growth scan, did you get a letter or a phone call?
I went for 28 week check yesterday and was measuring 35+ it’s my first pregnancy and although I can feel him moving and know he’s ok
, it’s put a seed of doubt in my mind, (following a couple m/c earlier in the year) the midwife said it takes 1-2 weeks for scan to come through was it the same in your case?

Choirofangles Wed 29-Nov-17 18:41:42

The midwife who thought I was measuring huge said I’d get an appointment through the post within a week but nothing arrived so I called the community midwife office after ten days or so and got a call back from another

Choirofangles Wed 29-Nov-17 18:46:02

Sorry posted too soon. Got a call back from another midwife who said no referral had been made and the appointments are made by phone anyway hmm

After that I got a call from the scanning department the same afternoon and they booked me in for the next day. If you don’t hear anything after a week it might be worth double checking you’re definitely in the system.

Hope you get an appointment soon and get some reassurance. In the end DS was 8lb 11 when he was born two days before his due date, so although on the chunkier side he was definitely manageable and it was a really straightforward birth. All the best with your baby flowers

GemmaM26 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:41:21

I have been considering calling the scanning department tomorrow anyway just to see if I was in the system

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