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Growth scan/what happens

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alicelake Thu 13-Jul-17 07:20:27

I have a growth scan tomorrow as they think baby is big, im 38+3 and a previous csection. I wanted natural this time round. Just wondered if anyone has any experience as to what happens if baby does measure big? Would they get her out early? Thanks!

Cupcakegirl13 Thu 13-Jul-17 07:28:33

It depends how big she is ! They may induce you or repeat c section if they felt it was a risk or they may just monitor you more closely.

Oddsocksforeveryone Thu 13-Jul-17 07:51:52

I had growth scans with all of mine. Ds1 was csection after failed induction. Ds2 I was trying for vbac.
I went into labour the day I turned 39 weeks, unfortunately ended in section 2 days later but he was 10lb 9 born 39 weeks so he was a good size but didn't seem to concern them.
I also had polyhydramnios.
But Ds1 they induced at 38 weeks because they thought his abdomen was distended (it wasn't) and he was 8lb 9oz.
Dd I had the option for vbac, I went with the idea to vbac if I went into labour before due date. I didn't and had section on my due date and she was 9lb 14oz.
So for me at least size hasn't been an issue when it comes to vbac.

alicelake Thu 13-Jul-17 07:57:36

Yeah they won't let me go further than 41 weeks, if I get to that then she's a section so I'm hoping she comes on her own accord before then. Just wondering if they'll actually let me go that far if she's big!

ladynaomi Thu 13-Jul-17 08:27:25

Interested to see how this turns out, in a similar position myself but not as far along as you. Why won't they let you go past 41 weeks? Is it purely due to size? Do you know what percentile your baby is on?

alicelake Thu 13-Jul-17 09:21:38

They're letting me go to 41 weeks to give her a chance to come naturally, but don't want me to get too big due to scar tissue from the previous section and too much pressure or something along those lines. I think she said she's measuring 92 percentile, so rather large!

10storeylovesong Thu 13-Jul-17 11:47:18

Interested to see what happens. I'm only 28 weeks but having scans every 2 weeks as DS1 came at 27 weeks weighing only 2lb 3. This one is on 98th percentile so curious as to what will happen as high risk pregnancy anyway.

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