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Labour or not?

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alicelake Tue 11-Jul-17 21:48:19

I don't know if I'm having contractions or not...last hour or so.. about 3/4 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds, it feels like strong period pains but not unbearable. With my first I was induced so they were extremely painful. 38 weeks today and unsure. Thanks!

harleysmammy Tue 11-Jul-17 23:06:55

Oh I would say so! Definitely go and get checked out! Good luck x

alicelake Wed 12-Jul-17 07:06:49

I had them most of the night. But they didn't get any stronger. I fell asleep and woke up and they'd stopped sad x

celeryeater Wed 12-Jul-17 07:14:37

Sounds like things are getting going. It can come and go and last for days but ring your midwife today and just report it.

alicelake Wed 12-Jul-17 08:26:20

Will do. Very disappointed to wake up and it had stopped! X

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