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Expressing and colostrum evoke pregnant

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MenorcaSunrise Tue 11-Jul-17 17:40:46

I am 41+2 and while waiting was wondering about trying to hand express and store colostrum before the baby gets here. I guess I'm a bit curious as I've not experienced any discharge from my breasts at all (which have barely changed) so I was wondering if I would actually be able to breastfeed and it would be nice to have a store just in case the are any problems (I know I'm being over cautious and it may all fall into place when the baby is here). My question is, if you haven't experienced any leakage by this point, is it likely you can get some colostrum going using massage? And once you start, does it not stop?

dementedpixie Tue 11-Jul-17 17:43:15

Colostrum comes out in drips and if storing would be in syringes rather than bottles as it's such a small amount

MenorcaSunrise Tue 11-Jul-17 17:43:30

Stupid autocorrect - can I edit the title of the thread? Should be during pregnancy not evoke pregnancy!

MoMandaS Tue 11-Jul-17 17:44:12

Have a warm bath and start hand expressing, medium pressure towards nipple. You'll probably just get a few minute drops at first but the more often you do it, the more you'll get. Collect it in small syringes and freeze them in tubs or bags.

MenorcaSunrise Tue 11-Jul-17 17:46:25

Yup, got the syringes!

I was also thinking of visiting a breastfeeding cafe tmw for more advice but my parents are visiting and my dad goes abroad after and won't see baby as a newborn so I wasn't sure whether to prioritise them instead.

sauceyorange Tue 11-Jul-17 17:55:17

Def go to bfeeding clinic - only an hour or so and so useful. Your breast size/ change til now won't mean you can't breastfeed, don't worry. Good luck!

MenorcaSunrise Tue 11-Jul-17 17:57:12

Thank you!

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