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Waters leaking at 35 weeks can I asked to be induced?

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user1499246702 Fri 07-Jul-17 05:35:33


Went to hospital yesterday because I felt a gush of something at home, I have also been having brown discharge since Monday morning followed by diarrhoea the that big gush yesterday morning.
They had me in straight away checked my urine and said there was traces of blood in it and did the test for amniotic fluid and that came back positive too.
I have been admitted for 48 hours with antibiotics incase of infection and I've had my first steroid shot, 24 hours later and still nothing? Can any one tell me what they might do if nothing happens after 48 hours?
Having period like pains in my back but nothing more than that

taraer Fri 07-Jul-17 05:45:39

They went to inside me when I was pregnant with my first ds because my waters where leaking slightly it was only a few days early though anyway I ended up giving birth that night ;) was meant to be induced the next day haha

cornflakes91 Fri 07-Jul-17 12:11:41

They will likely want to induce you once both steroid injections have had time to kick in. Before 34 weeks they usually try to keep baby in after PPROM but at any later gestation they tend to prefer to get them out, they might want to scan you too to see how much fluid the baby has around them.

user1499246702 Fri 07-Jul-17 19:02:43


Was in hospital for 24 hours and they have discharged me after giving me my steroid shots. They have given me a 10 day course of antibiotics and I've just gotta keep an eye out for contractions, funny colour discharge etc.
Experiencing constant lower back pain and I'm feeling so much heaviness could this
be the start? hmm

Oysterbabe Sat 08-Jul-17 12:05:02

That's exactly how my labour went user, waters broke, back pain 12 hours later, baby arrival 4 hours after that. How are you doing?

user1499246702 Sat 08-Jul-17 12:23:08

I'm not too bad atm, still getting back ache but no contractions, it's been just over 48 hours now I'm so fed up sad

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