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Brown discharge/spotting at 34 weeks pregnant?!

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user1499246702 Wed 05-Jul-17 10:31:23

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with baby no 2, it's been a hard pregnancy this time had a couple of bleeds throughout but everything has been fine.
For the past 3 days I've had brown spotting/discharge followed by back pain which comes and goes, the brown blood has had a tiny bit of mucus in but not much.
Just wondering if anyone else has had this and everything has been ok. smile

confusedat23 Wed 05-Jul-17 10:46:21

I would call your midwife or triage to be sure... it could be normal but it might not be.


mistermagpie Wed 05-Jul-17 10:57:33

I would call the maternity assessment unit. I was in an out with bleeding in my second pregnancy which turned out to be from a cervical erosion (so not a big deal) but they still wanted to check me over.

Your symptoms with the back pain are also how my labour started, so again worth getting checked.

user1499246702 Wed 05-Jul-17 11:18:20

Thanks ladies I'll give them a call for peace of mind smile
I took a pic of the pad yesterday too which looks like a big blob of brown mucus and after reading up online looks like it could be my "show" sadhmm

Lemondrop99 Wed 05-Jul-17 11:39:45

Mucus plugs can dislodge (partially or completely) and grow back. So even if it's a 'show', it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to go into early labour so don't worry just yet.

See what the midwife says. They'll likely want to check you over, even if just to reassure you.

user1499246702 Wed 05-Jul-17 11:47:14

Is the mucus plug and the show the same thing? On some sites I've read that they are different but on others they are basically the same? hmm

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