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First movement to kicks - gradual or overnight?

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TreasureInMyTummy Tue 04-Jul-17 22:50:13

Hello, I'm FTM who is 20 weeks pregnant with an anterior placenta ( at the front )

Occasionally I've started to feel the first flutters people mention and I just wondered do these flutters grow stronger and stronger into kicks or do you just wake up one day and feel a kick instead?

Thanks x

OnNaturesCourse Wed 05-Jul-17 00:34:51

Following with interest. I'm in the exact same position!

ew1990 Wed 05-Jul-17 00:39:16

I'm 21 week and my notes from last weeks scan say I have anterior placenta, felt flutters then just one day a big kick (around 19 week) then nothing for a few days, only this past week I feel regular kicks, more when I'm in bed or sat still

sunnywithadashofgin Wed 05-Jul-17 00:42:24

I felt flutters then one day a huge kick. Then he just got more boisterous in there!

manyaslip Wed 05-Jul-17 05:02:56

I'm 27 weeks now and have an anterior placenta too. I felt the odd rumble around around 20/22 weeks but only started feeling regular strong movement in the last couple of weeks. For me it was really gradual.

Topsyloulou Wed 05-Jul-17 06:12:23

I have had an anterior placenta in both my pregnancies. With DS I felt my first flutters around 18 weeks with movements gradually increasing to more definite kicks by week 24. This time round I've had flutters from 15 weeks & am now getting full on kicks that can be seen externally at 21 weeks. To begin with I could only feel movement when lying still in bed but now can feel it any time although her favourite time to move is still night time.

mummabubs Wed 05-Jul-17 06:53:31

I'm a FTM at 26+4 with an anterior placenta! I'd had feelings for a couple of weeks on and off that I was pretty sure were baby but didn't feel like kicks per se and then one night in my 21st week I woke up at 1am lying on my back and suddenly felt a definite kick- pretty unmistakable as anything else!! After that they've just continued to become much more frequent and stronger.

Mandraki Wed 05-Jul-17 07:13:09

Same as others, also anterior placenta, flutters and rolls until one morning at 20 weeks I felt this tiny little kick. Totally unmistakable and followed by another one. After that I felt a couple a day (as well as the continuing rolls and flutters) for another couple of weeks, and now at 27 weeks she pretty much boots me whenever she feels like it. Due to the AP I don't think I feel all her kicks but she is defo in there and defo kicking!

FormerlyFrikadela01 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:16:31

I had an anterior placenta. Never felt the bubbles or flutters people talk about. Was just Lying in bed one day and felt like my stomach had turned over, after that felt proper kicks every couple of days until it was all the time.

talaj888 Wed 05-Jul-17 07:20:55

I have an anterior placenta too and started feeling flutters around 19 weeks, then around 22/23 weeks I saw a massive movement in my tummy where you see it. From them on to how I am now at 31 weeks I can see them moving and they kick me very hard all day long!!

TreasureInMyTummy Wed 05-Jul-17 10:28:35

Thanks everyone that's really reassuring - I can't wait to feel kicks so I know for sure that baby is ok. Sometimes I doubt whether flutters are baby or my stomach just digesting something xx

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