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Just found out I'm pregnant and having weird feelings

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newbie1985 Sun 02-Jul-17 17:35:54

I was wondering if anyone had a similar feeling. Basically, I found out I'm pregnant 4 days ago and am over the moon but over last 2 days have more feelings of anxiety / spaced out / overwhelmed and scared to point were my heart is racing. It's only been 4 days since found out but feels weeks the thoughts racing through my head. After convincing myself for last 11 years that I would find it hard to get pregnant (had an abortion aged 20, and have very heavy periods, had abnormal smears and letz treatment, I really convinced myself I would end up needing help getting pregnant and something would be wrong). I never told DH about this emotion but he knows my medical history, and now we got pregnant first time trying, I convinced myself last night I was having miscarriage as I've had 7 days dark spotting that is getting less and less. I'm just not used to feeling like this. I don't really get mood swings from periods (although did when I was younger). I wanted to know if anyone had felt this way, I think I'm in shock as I don't feel myself at all. But I have to say just writing this post I'm feeling a little better. I don't live near any friends or family and DH doesn't want me to tell anyone till we're further along but I feel like I'm going mad. I do have close friends but we're all spread out over country sad advice and similar experiences would make me feel a million times better smile

SlB09 Sun 02-Jul-17 17:49:17

Totally the same and from posts on here I think it seems to be a natural stage. Id been referred to fertility centre as an early intervention (wasnt exactly planning kids but other health problems, they wanted to investigate) and suddenly there I was pregnant, after years of being told and thinking we would be in for the long haul.

Long story short I was panicked, what had I done, I didnt want my life to change, how will I cope, will I resent them, my life and future is ruined.. the list goes on!! This lasted until second trimester and I wouldnt say ive fully come to terms with it but im happier and more excited. I have bad days but I think such a massive life change your going to have doubts etc. You will get there I promise. Be honest with those around you, I have been and youd be suprised at how many people simple hate the pregnancy bit!! Hugs xx

newbie1985 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:25:57

Thanks for your reply, I think I'm just gonna tell close friends even if husband doesn't want me to. I need to get this all off my chest.

allthecheese Sun 02-Jul-17 20:59:55

100% the same from me. Was desperate for a baby, and expected it to be a really long journey to get there. When I became pregnant after the first try I couldn't stop crying, completely panicking and all I could think about was getting it out of me.

Just had my 12 week scan and feeling much much more calm. I came on here for advice and everyone said they had experienced the same anxious feelings but having a child was so wonderful.

Hope everything is well with you now anyway. PM me if you want.

Fefifoefum Sun 02-Jul-17 21:46:22

Feeling very similar, convinced it'd take months, possibly years due to very short cycles. Bam one time in the sack and I'm pregnant.
I've just got a new job, in the middle of redecorating. I feel like I'm ruining my career.
Although I am feeling better and better day by day. Excited even? I don't know!

newbie1985 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:06:15

Thanks everyone! I don't think when you read about people getting pregnant they tell you how much anxiety you will get! Everyone I guess just expects you to be happy and 'glowing' or something! Glad to hear I'm not only one feeling like this, SIB09, thanks again for reply, I was in a bit of tis last night again! allthecheese I'm glad to hear it settles down! fefifoefum I feel exactly the same, recently started new job too, thinking it would be years before pregnancy. It feels like a waste and am wondering if would have been better sticking out at last place, you literally can never plan these things perfectly! I'm feeling loads better today. I think being in work helps as distraction, not googling all weekend! (Although I'm writing this now!, back to work!) thanks guys, you've all made me feel much better xx

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