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Pregnancy dreams

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user1498865209 Sat 01-Jul-17 00:38:05

So last night i had a dream i had a newborn baby boy, it felt so realistic and when i woke up I immediately felt sad and now i really want a baby. Iv never felt like this before, iv always wanted to wait till i finish my education and started my job etc. Basically iv never felt the urge to have a child but this was so real, has any one ever experienced a dream that they was pregnant and they actually are?
My period this month was very light and didnt last long so it did cross my mind that i could be pregnant but i just shrugged it off and didnt think about it again because i doubt it lol could the dream mean i am? Or maybe I subconsciously really want a bub haha

halfbuffy Sat 01-Jul-17 01:18:28

Not about being pregnant, but everyone was convinced we were having a boy, even me, but then I had a dream it was a girl...sure enough the 20 week scan confirmed it and now we have our super sweet little 4 week old DD smile

Farahilda Sat 01-Jul-17 02:48:20

I've had a really vivid dream about sex with a colleague. Woke half convinced it had happened. Really weird (alomist embarrassing) gojngto work for the next couple of days.

Dreams, no matter how vivid, are just dreams. Not statements of intent (really don't fancy colleague in waking life). Nor are they terribly useful as a means of fortune telling.

Finish your education. Work out how important it is for your long-term goals to have started building up your career CV before taking a break.

One dream throwing you some random feelings of broodiness isn't a foundation for changing life trajectory. If however those feelings become a settled intent, once the vividness of the dream has faded, you could think again. How long until your education is complete?

taraer Sat 01-Jul-17 02:55:32

I dreamt the baby I'm now pregnant with was a girl and sure enough it was confirmed smile mental eh

Starfairylights Sat 01-Jul-17 03:17:32

I also dreamt about my baby girl before I fell pregnant, weird as I wasn't trying to actively fall pregnant at all.

ethelfleda Sat 01-Jul-17 09:15:46

I'm nearly 21 weeks and all along we thought we were having a girl but I dreamt twice it was a boy - and it is!!
Also I keep dreaming that I have drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes and wake up feel really guilty... OR I dream that I had my baby days ago and I haven't fed him yet and left him at home by himself and I try so hard to get back to feed him but I can't!! Weird!

peachgreen Sat 01-Jul-17 18:53:17

I dreamt about miscarrying both nights before I had bleeds in this pregnancy. Absolutely horrible. But baby is still fine thankfully at 10+4.

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