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Pregnant after 2 months

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MyaeD Fri 30-Jun-17 13:44:53

Hi all,

I've just found out I'm pregnant by my boyfriend of 2 months!!! It wasn't planned. He is delighted about it but I feel more worried and overwhelmed. I know my family will be supportive after they get over the initial shock but they haven't even met this guy yet so it's a worry!! I'm also worried about my friends asking me who the father is!!! I'm 33 and this would be my 1st. I suffer with generalised anxiety disorder and this also worries me - will I be able to cope? Can I do this? I'm so torn as what to do so if Anyone has any happy stories or advice for me I'd be grateful.
Thanks x

Dede124 Fri 30-Jun-17 14:30:45

I fell pregnant 3 months into
Our relationship. My mum or non of my friends had met him yet so my mum ended up meeting him when I was 12 weeks pregnant which was fine and vice versa with his family. I'm 26 weeks gone now. Some of my family and friends still haven't even met him yet and to be honest some of my family weren't very happy for me because they thought I'd been stupid but that's another story.

It can be difficult at times because your still getting to know each other but you will be fine congratulations! flowers

Have you already moved in together or are you planning to? Xx

Introvertedbuthappy Fri 30-Jun-17 14:35:18

I got pregnant to a boyfriend I had been with for 6 weeks...
We are now married with an 8 year old and 1.5 year old and will have been together 10 years next year. At times it's been hard, really hard as we didn't get the 'honeymoon phase' other couples have had - it was straight into pregnancy mood swings, foot rubs and morning sickness followed by childbirth and near constant breast feeding and exhaustion. Despite all that we love each other more than ever, but many others haven't been as lucky.

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