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Nervous to ask gp go for fit note

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Shainamarpia Fri 30-Jun-17 12:20:33

I am recently just put of hospital. I'll be 34 weeks pregnant on Sunday. I went to triage last weekend for RFM while I was in the waiting room I fainted/had a seizure. They dont know what happened but I ended up getting admitted and had a million tests done. Baby is fine thank God, but one of the consultants said my body is fatuiged and still not over previous infections and I've still been going to work ECT ECT. Long story short she said I need to speak to my gp she said I should be off work for a few weeks and should take maternity sooner. Got out 2 days ago .But I've never gone to the gp for a fit note, I'm never usually Ill so hardly at the gp . I feel so exhausted and still getting dizzy spells and still have a bit of a chest infection. I'm not sure how to approach getting a fit note. I'm terrified of overdoing it again and this happening at work and hurting the baby.
Any advice. I'm worried they will think I'm okay and overreacting.

gassylady Fri 30-Jun-17 12:25:54

The note can be issued by the hospital too, as it is their recommendation why not ring and ask them to issue it. There is a cut off in terms of weeks where if you have sick leave related to your pregnancy then you start maternity leave instead. Unfortunately can't remember what the cut off is

1stX Fri 30-Jun-17 14:00:05

I think you're GP is far more likely to err on the side of caution and sign you off than risk going against the hospitals advice But gassyladys right the hospital can issue one. Good luck with everything. Hope you feel better x

Mummyh2016 Fri 30-Jun-17 14:16:38

Your employer can start your maternity leave at 36 weeks if your absent from work due to a pregnancy related illness.

Thingymaboob Fri 30-Jun-17 14:44:33

My employer will start maternity at 30 weeks if off sick at this time

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