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Babywearing and pregnancy

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user1488794856 Thu 29-Jun-17 07:25:37

Looking for some advice from fellow babywearers regarding pregnancy.

Dh and I are planning on trying for #2, and we currently have a 5 month old. She naps on my chest and in her sling exclusively. I am ok with this and most days enjoy it,but just trying to plan ahead for pregnancy.
My questions are:
How long did you continue to babywearers whilst pregnant?
What carriers and positions did you use?
I plan to wear dC2 also, what did you do if they both wanted/needed to be worn at the same time?
I am hoping Dc1 will be napping independently by the time dC2 arrives, but as she is still so little I'd like to keep wearing her as long as I can for naps when she needs it.


Holdbacktheriver Thu 29-Jun-17 10:41:49

I continued to bw in my last two pregnancies. The dc were 18months/2 so I was using a wrap for a back carry and sometimes a ringsling. Tying Tibetan I always find more comfy anyway but much easier with a bump.

As my dc were older I think we had to stop at about 7 months due to my spd I just couldn't carry them anymore.

It's entirely possible to tandem carry. You can do this lots of different ways 2 ssc, 2 wraps and depending on ages maybe with 2rs.

Have a look on Facebook and YouTube smile

acquiescence Thu 29-Jun-17 12:41:18

This is some guidance from my local sling surgery, I still carry my toddler so have looked for guidance recently.

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