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Early pregnancy scan

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latimer1234 Thu 29-Jun-17 05:00:58

Hi sorry I'm so new to this so apologise for making a new thread.

I'm around 5 weeks 5 days ( from my last period )

I've booked a scan for the 15th of July when I should be around 8 week.
I'm really confused as I know when I have the scan I won't be 8 weeks more like 6 weeks 5 days from my predicted ovulation dates.
Has anyone else had a early scan this early and was they able to see anything at all?
I know they're dating me at 8 weeks but I'm worried that I'm not that far gone and I won't see anything hence why I'm worrying so much.

Thankyou all x

mysecret321 Thu 29-Jun-17 05:44:08

I had a scan at 6w6d and you could see baby heartbeat and yolk sac all the best

calimommy Thu 29-Jun-17 05:54:16

You don't count from your ovulation date, you count from the first day of your last period. Think of it as two free weeks. Ovulation dates are often not know and the date of fertilisation can be 48hrs later than those dates anyway.

twinkle1972 Thu 29-Jun-17 06:15:48

I had scan 6+4 and seen heartbeat smile

AccidentalMagic Thu 29-Jun-17 06:21:39

Pregnancy is dated from the day your last period started not the date of ovulation. So although you may only have conceived 6 weeks ago when you go to your scan, you will be 8 weeks pregnant and should see a heartbeat.

Thisyearistheone2017 Thu 29-Jun-17 17:00:26

We had a scan at 7 weeks and could see the baby in the yolk sac, could see the heartbeat and even heard the heartbeat!

NoParticularPattern Thu 29-Jun-17 21:37:21

Pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period so you get two weeks as a bonus. I thought I had ovulated late this cycle, but shows how much I know as my early scan yesterday measured me spot on for my period dates! Either way you should see something and probably manage to visualise a heartbeat.

DaisyChainsForever Thu 29-Jun-17 21:40:12

I had a scan at 8 weeks exactly, was a blob with a beating heart. Amazing how much it had developed by 12 weeks!

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