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Ooohhh the pressure!

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MoanaofMotunui Wed 28-Jun-17 07:01:19

Currently expecting DC 2 in 2weeks. With DC1 I had no "twinges"/ Braxton Hicks etc... I just woke up to full blown labour one night.

But this time round I've had no end of cramps and tightening since around 20weeks and now for the last 2 weeks I've been getting awful pressure right on my cervix and a real need to almost bear down (that real "need to push" in labour feeling)

has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way to relieve it? It's so hard not to bear down a little bit and I'm worried I'm going to end up bruising something confused

DinoMania Wed 28-Jun-17 07:40:36

I have the same issue as this, really find only thing that copes is getting on all fours... i am seeing my MW today, I'll ask her for us both and report back what she says. I'm pretty sure it's just our babies dropping into our pelvis though x

vfoster Wed 28-Jun-17 07:52:52

I'm 37+3 with number two and have had the same thing! I had to be induced with number one as she wasn't going anywhere, this one has me convinced I'm going to go early!
I saw the midwife last week and explained the pressure and she told me that 2nd babies can engage into the pelvis and then 'float' back out again. When I went baby was not engaged at all so she said it sounds like that.
Mine is worst when I stand up after sitting for a while.

DinoMania Wed 28-Jun-17 10:34:27

So just got back, MW felt baby and said he is now engaged and that's what the pressure is. She said when I feel that pressure it's just him pushing down or moving around, usually hitting a bundle of nerves. She said to practice the breathing techniques to get past it x

MoanaofMotunui Wed 28-Jun-17 11:07:47

Thank for the replies grin Dino that's good to hear your little one is engaged. I had an appt last Tuesday and was "far from being engaged"... hmmm, must have a little yo-yo in there then!! grin

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