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Healthy lunch and dinner ideas?!?!?

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salsasalsa Mon 26-Jun-17 15:43:30

Hello, I'm 12+3 with twins, have been pretty horrendous diet wise up until now, have just got off my holiday and want to up my game.
Before the symptoms kicked in I was eating bran for breakfast, salad nd chicken wraps for lunch, and a normal sized dinner... as soon as my symptoms kicked in, I hated the thought of cereal so swapped for peanutbutter on toast (white bread!!), ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch (white bread again!!) as couldnt stomach texture of chicken and salad wraps, and my normal size dinners went from normal to very large, the same as my partners!!
I am 5'4 and usually 8 stone, very healthy, ran alot.
Now I'm 5'4, just over 9 stone!! and no exercise what so ever happening...
Please help me anyone with any very quick, very easy, very plain, but very healthy options for lunches/dinners. (I'm back on the bran for breakfast/or 50/50 bread x1 with peanut butter! (which will do!)
And looking in to starting swimming a couple of times a week. I stopped running as the last time I went just over a month ago I got the worst crippling stomach pains and don't want to risk it.

THANK YOU, getting big too soon 12 week twin mum x

Fairy45 Mon 26-Jun-17 15:52:40

Tuna salad? Or tuna and mixed beans? You can get a tin of these at asda for like 50p.
Porridge for breakfast?
We have a lot of meals with rice for tea. Curry, chilli etc...
😊 i wouldnt worry too much about weight gain though running round after twins in 6 months you will get back into shape in no time.
I go swimming twice a week (one of those with my toddler barely counts) but we do lots of walking too.

LoveB Mon 26-Jun-17 16:04:17

I really wouldn't worry too much, it doesn't sound like you're having lots of cakes/sweets/chocolates so that's good (I am blush) I also feel really fat, but what can you do. We'll lose it all after - that's the plan anyway!

Lunch: Chicken salad, cheese salad, brown pitta bread filled with anything you like, homemade soups, tuna salad, lots and lots of salad for lunch. I'm getting a bit sick of spinach actually grin

Dinners: grilled chicken with cous cous (and more salad), roasted vegetables with chicken, stir fry, steak and salad

Anything homemade and you're doing good I think!

WithCheesePlease Mon 26-Jun-17 16:09:12

Can you go back to what you ate before? Now that you're at 12 weeks and the nausea has lessened.

Lauralou031986 Mon 26-Jun-17 17:23:14

Hi, I could use some good ideas aswell, getting sick of eating the same thing, I don't really eat meat so I'm struggling, just had a nice stir fry tho 😀 I'm about 8 weeks

chelle85 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:50:36

One of my favourites for lunch is a slice of walnut loaf from sainsburys toasted and drizzled with olive oil and topped with chopped avocado and plum tomatoes

If I have a bit of time on a Sunday I make up a frittata with sweet potato and chorizo. Tastes nice cold and makes 3 days worth of lunch with a side salad

Baked potato with tuna or cheese and beans

Strawberry, spinach, pecan and goats cheese (pasteurised) salad

I'm getting hungy again now!!

salsasalsa Tue 27-Jun-17 11:03:33

I do fee like the nausea has subsided now so I am going to try my hardest to eat better.
My version of this yesterday meant... bran flakes for breakfast, a couple of ginger biscuits around 11 when I started feeling weak (usually HATE snacking), cheese and ham sandwich for lunch (WHITE bread though as hadn't shopped at the weekend, partner has done shop this morning so broen bread tomorrow, and then I had a chicken curry for dinner, homemade, maybe a slightly smaller portion than I would have had previously, so very medium, not large... but couldn't resist mopping it up with a piece of bread, again. Oh and finished off a bag of bombay mix with my partner, Oh and I had a packet of ready salted tesco value crisps on the way home from work because I was starving... just feel like uncontrollable.
Partner has been shopping today so I have asked for brown bread, and fruit, and need a lot more vegetables in my dinners.
Today = bran for breakfast, 2x breakfast biscuits at 11, left over curry for lunch, and meatballs and PASTA for dinner... who knows what will happen in between... I need my 12 week scan to hurry up so I know the twins are okay and can blame feeling so frumpy and hungry all the time on them sad
Ideally I would love to be eating 0 carbs and running every other day as normal, but I know its unreasonable to think things were going to stay the same. But my body is craaaaaving carbs I swear, and I need to pluck up the courage to try a swimming pool, may get partner to join first time. Aslong as their healthy, my body can get as gross as it lieks... (with in reason) AHHH sad

LoveB Tue 27-Jun-17 12:18:41

I really think you're being a bit mental. You need carbs! You're not on a diet. You need some fat as well.

Just try and include some more fruit and veg and you'll be absolutely fine. Oh and some bio live yoghurt.

Go walking and swimming, and do yoga after 12 weeks.

NoCapes Tue 27-Jun-17 12:20:49

Carbs are not the devil
Your babies need them
Stop being so neurotic and just eat food!

salsasalsa Tue 27-Jun-17 15:20:00

Haha! Thank you repliers, you sound just like my friends, nice and honest! grin
I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my diet, as I lost nearly two stone last year and I'd managed to keep it off with the running etc. Think I'm going to have to just let my body take control on this one and eat what it's telling me to... and try and be healthy!
I shall get back on the exercise and diet hype next year! Goodness.

Carbs are not the devil... my fave. smile x

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