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Pain on my left side- what is it?

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user1495004135 Mon 26-Jun-17 05:40:58

Morning ladies,

The past 2 days I've had a pain in my left hand side. Feels like a stich. It's not there all the time but when it hits me- it takes my breathe.
Any ideas?
I've read some blogs and now I'm even more confused.
Many thanks in advance for any replies. This is my first pregnancy and been a very stressed one so far so sorry if I'm worrying for nothing xxx

adlertippa Mon 26-Jun-17 05:58:34

How far along are you? If you're second/third trimester it might be round ligament pain. When I had it, it felt like a stitch x 100, really painful. It turned out to be caused by the baby getting his head down ready though smile the only thing I could really do for it was curl up on my bed and wait for it to pass.

If you're earlier on it might be general tweaks as your uterus stretches. Hope that helps x

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