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Nesting, wanting to move, little support

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user1496701154 Sun 25-Jun-17 23:36:38

I keep getting an urge to clean at silly times of the night. Me and my partner are in a 3 bedroom flat up four flights of stairs and waiting to move just wish we were moved before lil ones born as we are on the list for moving have been for a while but it's starting to annoy me as this place is to big for us and impossible for us with a pram am 4 ft 10 the pram is lightweight however it's bulky and stairs are narrow, no there no where to store it.downstairs and I'd be scared kicked if left downstairs on own. I want to be able to take the lil one to the park on my own without 2 of us having to get help to move pram. Sorry rambling first-timer here. We have little support's just us newbies trying to do everything right. Love our little one so much. I have no female friends who.have children's a lonely pregnancy however I talk to my bump a lot

fairyxxwings Sun 25-Jun-17 23:47:31

Hi hun! That sounds so annoying for you! What i know a friend had done was got a baby carrier and an easy going big changing bag, shed put the baby in the carrier and pack the changing bag with the obvious essentials and a travel mat from m&s! I have one and they are absolutely amazing, so somfortable for bubba to stretch out on and play on as they get older. All will be so easy to take that little one to the park with a baby carrier and who wouldnt want to snuggle with a new born? 😍 thats if you are still there once baby is born! If you do need the pram may i suggest you keep your lovely big one at your mums house and for you to take a collapsable stroller that reclines back? As only temporary in your situation, you could carry baby downstairs in your carrier and open out an easy stroller? smile as for nesting... i completely get it!
Its normal and you are doing right! Just have the windown open if using too much bleech! Lol hope this helps xxxx

user1496701154 Mon 26-Jun-17 11:08:25

Baby carrier a good idea yes I have a 3 in one travel system and cannot afford to get another stroller we have stuff she need bit no room to store extras although I do understand what your saying. As for leaving stuff at my mams literally loves 13 miles away and we don't really talk at all she's not been supportive and we've never had the best relationship.

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