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Post pregnancy body woes

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londoncitymum Sun 25-Jun-17 16:53:39

Anyone else have a 'wonky' body after pregnancy? I have 2 DCs - aged 5 and 3 and despite weighing less than I did before DCs things fit so differently. My waist is somehow an inch smaller yet my hips seem wider and certain jeans and dresses just don't sit right. Is this usually down to hips widening or loose skin? Also my pants are really tight and dig in...shall I just give in and accept the changes?!

Foggymist Sun 25-Jun-17 17:59:51

Of course your hips are wider, a baby lived in your pelvis and then came " out through it! (Unless you had a cs, I did) Everything shifts and doesn't always go back. I'm pregnant with dc2 and have lovely curvy hips at the moment, never had it before in my life, everything obviously spread outwards this time but it didn't before.

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