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Can a doctor reduce working hours? Exhausted

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Hannabee123 Sat 24-Jun-17 13:15:01

Hi everyone

I've been feeling depressed and stressed. I'm 14 weeks nearly and my exhaustion is getting worse. My employer is making me work 50 - 60 hours 6 days a week with little rest in between days. I have a driving job and almost fell asleep being the wheel the worst being on the M1 the other day. I have asked them a couple of times to stop as I'm exhausted and struggling to cope but this is just being ignored.
I want to leave but I won't be able to get maternity pay.
I'm seeing my doctor on Friday will they be able to help me? I feel like I'm risking mine and the baby's health

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 13:19:41

I think they can. On doctors notes there is a can return to work but they can write in the box things like light duties or reasonable hours.

If you can I would suggest that you can back up your working hours claim to the gp if they ask.

Also have you told work yet? They will/should have to do a risk assessment for your pregnancy. Hr department?

FuckyDuck Sat 24-Jun-17 13:19:44

Under EU law they cannot make you do those hours, Do you have a tacograph?

See your GP and ask them to put you on light duties

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 13:26:36

Depends if they made her sign an opt out form.

She isn't necessarily a driver from what I read, just has to travel.

EU law states 48 hours average working time per week taken over an average of 12 weeks. However, and this is extremely common in the leisure and hospitality industry, the company can ask you to sign an opt out form which will exclude you from these rights. A lot of times in the hospitality industry for example, it is signed at the point of employment without any explanation given as to what it is. (I fell foul of this and was made to work 90 hours in 1 week or risk losing my job because I had unwittingly signed my rights away. It was because 2 other managers were sick.)

Hannabee123 Sat 24-Jun-17 13:29:55

I'm a coach driver I do have a tachograph but the days off can be after working nights so I don't get a day to myself and tonight for example I'm pushing 9 hours rest break because I have to be in Blackpool tomorrow. I have coaches without toilets when I'm peeing all the time and being sick and I just can't cope

Hannabee123 Sat 24-Jun-17 13:30:49

I'm not aware of any risk assessment being done there's no Hr department it's a small family business

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 13:37:26

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 13:37:54

Page 3

Hannabee123 Sat 24-Jun-17 13:43:01

I've not had any risk assessment I'm just expected to keep on working like this although I've told them I can't cope. I'm really hoping the doctor can help me I can't even have a life or spend time with my partner

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 13:56:58

Are you a member of a union? If not you can get advise from ACAS on Monday who will be able to let you know what your legal rights are.

If they have been informed of the pregnancy they have to do a work risk assessment. Family small business or not, they cannot just pick and choose what regulations to follow.

elpinguino Sat 24-Jun-17 14:01:17

Yes a doctor can absolutely reduce your working hours, and/or sign you off completely for a bit to rest. I've had my working hours reduced from a 70 hour week with overnight and weekend work to Monday-Friday 8-4 only, and work still have to pay full pay otherwise it would be pregnancy discrimination. The important thing right now is to look after yourself and your baby. And to be honest, you're not going to be doing the best job for your passengers if you're tired and feeling rotten either. Also, as pp said, your employer must do a risk assessment and make appropriate modifications to your job if needed. Good luck.

Hannabee123 Sat 24-Jun-17 14:54:06

I'm so scared I'm going to fall asleep at the wheel and harm me and the child and passengers. I've had a few close calls but had to remain talking to people to stop myself from sleeping. It's all getting too much I'm desperate. I'm worried if I call in sick i'l be sacked as were busy but I can't continue like this. I just hope my stress isn't harming the little one

Lolabee Sat 24-Jun-17 15:21:01

They know you are pregnant right? In which case they CANNOT sack you for being sick, not only that pregnancy sickness and normal sickness are classed as two completely different things.
In your position I definitely think I would be calling ACAS for advice

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