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Those of you waiting until 12 weeks to announce...

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HariboFrenzy Thu 22-Jun-17 19:35:30

Are you telling after your scan or after your screening results? I have my scan early next week, and although I'd be glad not to have to hide it anymore (not even sure how successful I've been tbh as my bloat enters a room well before the rest of me hmm) I also feel like I've kept it secret for this long, I may as well wait until I know (hopefully!) all is well?

What have/will you do?

Oysterbabe Thu 22-Jun-17 20:24:19

I waited for the screening results. I wouldn't have wanted to discuss terminating my pregnancy with anyone else had the news been bad.

Used2bthin Thu 22-Jun-17 20:37:53

After screening results I think. Although does anyone know when this is? If it's not till the 16week appointment I've got no chance as it's fairly obvious already!

Oysterbabe Thu 22-Jun-17 20:45:22

They will telephone you within 3 working days of the 12 week scan if you are high risk. If you are low risk you'll get a letter in the post. On the 4th day after the scan I shared the news.

Used2bthin Thu 22-Jun-17 20:55:10

Thanks that's really good to know. My scan is a Wednesday I think so I will wait for the following week (and ignore all the stares at my massive already stomach) !

Kpo58 Thu 22-Jun-17 20:55:13

I'm not planning on telling people until after the 20 week scan. I'm a very private person when it comes to pregnancy and have miscarried before.

Though I have told my boss so I'm not questioned if I get alot of morning sickness like last time or keep needing the loo.

ijustwannadance Thu 22-Jun-17 21:00:15

After NIPT test results and 12 wk scan just in case.

user1473602935 Thu 22-Jun-17 21:16:07

I told family and close friends as soon as I found out I was pregnant

user1473602935 Thu 22-Jun-17 21:16:51

Sorry - just reread title

Congrats tho!

tootsieglitterballs Fri 23-Jun-17 07:40:42

First pregnancy, the important / closest family and closest best friends knew beforehand, but we didn't then actually announce we were pregnant at all, it kind of slipped out in a Facebook post once around 22 weeks, but that was it.

Second time around, we again told the important / closest family and friends before the scan, but then did a 'facebook' announcement as it was the easiest way to tell friends / family that we hadn't seen or wouldn't be seeing for a while! We have a lot of family abroad, so it worked out great!

We did debate leaving it until after the screening tests came back, but as the initial scan result was fine (the nuchal fold measurement) , we figured we would just go for it.

tuxedocat Fri 23-Jun-17 09:55:25

After the screening results, which was about a week after (over a bank holiday) As much as I wanted to, I wanted to feel comfortable knowing the results of the screening before we said anything.
Family and close friends knew from about 5/6 weeks so one more week before a 'public' announcement seemed like a walk in the park!

ScarletSienna Fri 23-Jun-17 09:58:37

We told family early but didn't do a big announcement-just told others as and when we saw them. We wouldn't have considered a termination from anything the screening results told us so that didn't affect telling people. Congratulations!

Carley27 Fri 23-Jun-17 10:38:03

We told people after the scan (which included a good NT measurement).

Still waiting on the combined test results but assume it's low risk as the scan was over a week ago and she said they would phone within a few days if it was high risk.

Crunchymum Fri 23-Jun-17 12:14:37

I get my screening results back at scan!

The blood test you before scan, rush bloods off and at the end of your appointment (after scan) you are given your results.

ScarletSienna Fri 23-Jun-17 13:25:34

Crunchy, is that NHS? That sounds like a great system.

Crunchymum Fri 23-Jun-17 14:33:24

Yep NHS, and was like this for both my pregnancies.

ScarletSienna Fri 23-Jun-17 15:00:09

Sounds really sensible!

ElleMcElle Fri 23-Jun-17 15:09:17

I'm 11 weeks and those I'm closest to already know. People who I wouldn't want to tell until 12 weeks won't be told until after Harmony Test screening results (when I will be 12.5 weeks). For the sake of a few days, we thought we might as well wait.

KimmySchmidt1 Fri 23-Jun-17 15:10:26

Was going to do it after the scan (two weeks today) but now I think i'll wait until the screening results!

Jem01 Fri 23-Jun-17 15:34:50

In my first pregnancy I told family only at 12 weeks and friends and work at 20 weeks. I'll be doing the same this time round, it's mainly because of fear of miscarriage and other complications. Plus I'm very private and I think if anything were to go wrong I would only want close family to know.

Jem01 Fri 23-Jun-17 15:36:32

Oh and i didn't announce on Facebook until my baby shower pics went up at 33 weeks!

RyanStartedTheFire Fri 23-Jun-17 15:40:43

After screening test. I had a TFMR previously, and I'd already announced and it was absolutely heartbreaking explaining to people. Some of the things they are testing for mean the baby is definitely going to die - so it's not just downs or any of the common abnormalities that could be found.

Redsippycup Fri 23-Jun-17 16:13:40

I got my results at the scan too. Mw took the blood test the week before and consultant gave me the results after my scan. Never had any bloods taken at hospital - mw did all of them.

Emeraude Fri 23-Jun-17 16:17:40

St. George's take the bloods a week before and you get the combined results at the scan. I still didn't really tell people though. Too embarrassing. I just confirmed it if I was asked.

TippyTinkleTrousers Fri 23-Jun-17 16:26:53

I was going to wait until the results but it got the better of me and the cats out the bag as of today and the scan was yesterday.

I figured I'd have a bump by the time I needed an amniocentesis tests if it came to it, so I might as well just say it.

No Facebook announcement though. Just don't fancy it this time.

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