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Protein in urine

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Nooneno1 Thu 22-Jun-17 19:35:29

Anyone had protein in their wee but blood pressure ok and it turn into preeclampsia? Im paranoid cos had PE last time and have other symptoms - headaches and pain under rib. Midwife has sent sample off and said to phone up if vision goes blurry

Dede124 Thu 22-Jun-17 22:17:54

I had my urine sample done today with
The midwife. Mine showed protein top she was sending it off to the lab as she said there might also be a sign of infection but I haven't had any symptoms :s

Hawkmoth Thu 22-Jun-17 22:20:54

Wipe before doing your sample in case discharge contaminates it. That happened to me once. Pregnancy made me a soggy mess!

MooMooTheFirst Thu 22-Jun-17 22:22:33

I hadn't protein in my urine several times, borderline blood pressure and black spots in my eyes as well as headaches so was signed off work at 31 weeks (and with SPD) to be monitored for preeclampsia. It never turned into that though, so fingers crossed it doesn't for you this time flowers

Nooneno1 Thu 22-Jun-17 23:19:28

Thanks guys! moomoo when you were signed off did they force you to take mat leave early or were you signed off until a certain time?

Cantthinkofaname123 Fri 23-Jun-17 13:56:05

Thisn happened to me last month I had protein in my urine and normal blood pressure midwife was certain I didn't have pre eclampsia. Next day I went to get blood tests at the maternity unit, blood pressure etc fine. Because of this and the fact I had no other symptoms I was sent home and told I'd get a call if there was any concerns with the test results. I had only been home for about half an hour when I got a call to go back in to discuss them. I was took into a room and told that I had pre eclampsia and had to be induced there and then but because I felt so well I couldn't understand. To be honest even the medical staff themselves said they were surprised due to normal blood pressure. By the time I got to the labour suite about 20 minutes later my blood pressure was through the roof and my whole body started to swell and it all went downhill from there. My condition was so severe I then went on to develop HELLP syndrome, had to have a blood transfusion and was kept in for a week. I was told after I gave birth that if I'd been left any longer both of us could have died. All the medics kept saying they can't believe how ill I became in such a short space of time so if you have any concerns please get checked. I don't mean to scare you but after what happened to me I would hate the same thing to happen to anyone else. If you have a look I posted a thread with the same query as you, I hope this isn't the case for youflowers

MooMooTheFirst Sat 24-Jun-17 09:25:36

I feel you are signed off sick at 36 weeks mat leave is automatically started. I don't think I've worded that right at all, but I'm pretty certain that's the rule... so I was technically off for five weeks and then off on Mat leave. DS was 2 weeks late, and I remember calculating that the 'decent' six weeks of my Mat pay had been gone before he was even born!

ADuckNamedSplash Sat 24-Jun-17 10:39:03

I had protein in my urine and normal blood pressure. Like dede, they thought it might be a UTI but I had no symptoms of that. They sent another sample off to test for a UTI and it came back clear. My next sample also had protein in it but the one after that was fine, so they concluded it was just discharge contaminating the samples.

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