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Normal or concerning?

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OnNaturesCourse Wed 21-Jun-17 18:31:51

My right boob looks slightly larger than the left.

Both are tender at the sides, but the right more so. Same goes for veins, some of left but a heck more are darker on the right.

I can't feel any bumps or lumps, the skin looks OK, both sides are itchy... Hard to tell about darkening as the veins obstruct the clear view.

I'm a worrier so panicked when I noticed tonight in the mirror.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 21-Jun-17 18:34:15

I'm 18w tomorrow x

MotherOfBeagles Wed 21-Jun-17 19:57:11

One is usually bigger than the other anyway so not that unusual. If it's massively bigger and causing problems maybe mention it to your midwife if your worried but otherwise I wouldn't be concerned.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 21-Jun-17 20:04:09

My right has always been bigger, but not noticeable to the naked eye. Only to touch.

My DP has now noticed when looking, and now I think about it my right boob is escaping my bra more these days.

MotherOfBeagles Thu 22-Jun-17 08:35:39

I wouldn't worry too much. I think the way someone explained it to me is we think of boobs as a pair but they aren't. They are two individual parts as such and for them to grow differently, especially during pregnancy, is totally normal. But like I said if you're worrying just mention it to your midwife - always better to be calm and at ease than worrying =]

OnNaturesCourse Thu 22-Jun-17 10:26:49

As it isn't any more sore, or no other symptoms, I think I'll just keep a close eye on it until my next MW appointment in a few weeks. Didn't know pregnancy could make them grow oddly!

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