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Anybody deliver first baby before due date?

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chelle85 Tue 20-Jun-17 10:25:54

I'm a FTM currently 32 weeks and thoroughly fed up. The thought of another 8 weeks is really getting me down and the prospect of going beyond this is unthinkable as the last few weeks have been like time is going in reverse! All I keep getting from people is that first babies are always late.

Please can some of you reassure me that he may get here before his due date (praying for labour around 37-38 weeks!)

YoureNotASausage Tue 20-Jun-17 10:27:02

Yep. Waters went 10 days early. He was born 2 days later.

17caterpillars1mouse Tue 20-Jun-17 10:28:07

My dd was 10 days early. I put it down to all the walking and gardening I did whilst off on maternity leave before she came. I also think this helped that it was only just under 7hrs from my waters breaking to get being here. Contradctions started 15 minutes after waters going

towelpintpeanuts Tue 20-Jun-17 10:28:58

36 weeks here, but there were signs he would be early! (dd - my second - was 2 days late)

MerricatsHouse Tue 20-Jun-17 10:29:18

Same here, waters broke at 38 + 5, born 1 week early exactly. I thought I was in for another 3 weeks considering what everyone says!

NotJanine Tue 20-Jun-17 10:31:12

Loads of people have their first baby before due date - it's only an estimate. Mine was 5 days 'early' and I was heavily pregnant in a heatwave so I know how uncomfortable it is.

3 weeks early is a bit more extreme though. Try to enjoy the peace and freedom you have now and do things that you won't be able to once the baby is here.

cakefiend19 Tue 20-Jun-17 10:33:39

My first baby was 12 days early.

Treesinbloom Tue 20-Jun-17 10:36:17

Yup. Born at 38+5. Wasn't ready at all!

AreWeThereYet000 Tue 20-Jun-17 10:36:52

1 day early - born at 39+6, however labour started 39+2, it was very long. X

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Tue 20-Jun-17 10:39:39

35+3... no sign at all that he was going to be early until my waters broke on my way to my first NCT class!

carrotfaery Tue 20-Jun-17 10:40:53

Yes, born at 38+2. Everyone kept saying the first babies are always late thing, but a had a feeling he would be early (he was VERY active in the womb!) and I was right.

Mylittlestsunshine Tue 20-Jun-17 10:41:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chelle85 Tue 20-Jun-17 11:01:35

Thank you! Nice to know I am not automatically going to be being induced at 41+5 like everyone keeps telling me.

I think I need to start looking at 5 weeks to full term and then take each week at a time rather than looking at possibly 10 weeks to go!

I think it is just that these last few weeks in work are really dragging as I have boxed off anything major to do and am mostly sat twiddling my thumbs waiting to finish so each day seems really slow

ShowOfHands Tue 20-Jun-17 11:06:52

Mine was a couple of weeks early.

It's all out of our hands though. Most will come somewhere between 37 and 42 weeks and we get no say over when or how. Therefore it is absolutely right and proper that you do whatever makes you feel as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as this last bit takes.

DustyMaiden Tue 20-Jun-17 11:14:56

33 weeks and 4 days,weighed 7lbs 4 and no problems.

MaybeNextTime Tue 20-Jun-17 11:22:12

My first was 39+6, waters were leaking for 2days before so they brought me in broke them fully and he was born within 6hours smile

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Tue 20-Jun-17 11:23:12

DS was born at 34+5 and was 5lb 1oz.

NatureIsAWhore Tue 20-Jun-17 11:24:56

My 1st was early, too early really as he had to stay in hosp for a week. I'd only finished work the day before too so I wasn't ready at all!

Saying that, I would have hated to have gone over.

My dd was early too but not as much as ds so she came home an hour after birth.

I started drinking Raspberry leaf tea from 34 weeks and it may or may not have had anything to do with them arriving early. But worth a shot.

Gooseygoosey12345 Tue 20-Jun-17 11:30:45

My first was 4 days late sorry not helpful but labour was only 7 &3/4 hours so that's something! It's miserable in this weather isn't it. I'm 36 weeks so feel your pain!

IWantABlueBanana Tue 20-Jun-17 11:31:05

Yeah waters went at 32, dd born at 34. Mind you, the three others were born at 36 and 30 weeks so my body clearly doesn't like being pregnant.

ColourfulOrangex Tue 20-Jun-17 11:36:53

My son was born 18 days early, I'm 35+6 now with my daughter and hoping she will be early too , this heat is ridiculous

bettybyebye Tue 20-Jun-17 11:40:32

Dc1 arrived very unexpectedly at 37+2 - I was so not prepared as just assumed I would go over. I had only finished work the day before!
Dc2 arrived at 39w exactly - problem with her was that i expected to go at 37w again so felt very overdue! She was a July baby so I was very hot and uncomfortable

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Tue 20-Jun-17 11:45:48

I was a week early and had a really quick labour (3 hours total and 4 minutes of pushing), home the next day. All I heard during pregnancy was how first baby's are always late, labours are long etc so it was a pleasant surprise to have him show early (especially as my friends first was 2 weeks late and then she had a 72 hour labour - I was dreading it).

Tubbyinthehottub Tue 20-Jun-17 11:54:30

Yes, waters leaked at 37+1 so I was induced four days later as nothing was happening. Fairly quick water birth with gas and air.

RoseVase2010 Tue 20-Jun-17 11:59:18

Yes, I had a premature birth at 33 weeks and my son was in special care for ten days, very poorly and despite 25c temperatures, layers of clothing could hardly maintain his body temperature at 36.something C

Be grateful you don't have to sit at the side of an incubator unable to cuddle your baby as they are fed via tube.

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