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Pregnant mums with kids - I salute you.

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MissBax Mon 19-Jun-17 17:17:35

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tip my hat to all the pregnant women out there, who also have other kids in this heat.
I'm pregnant with my first and finding it near on impossible. I can't even imagine having a toddler running rings round me at the same time.
So for all of those women - flowers these are for you!

Hotpinkangel19 Mon 19-Jun-17 19:30:19

I'm 11 weeks pregnant, constantly feeling nauseous, too bloody hot, and I have 3 DC's already..... I'm so tired x

Ohhshiney Mon 19-Jun-17 19:30:39

I second that one! I babysat for 10 days for a 6 year old and an 18momth old while parents on honeymoon I was 6 months pregnant with my first and my god how people do it I don't know. Well done to them!

Pickerel Mon 19-Jun-17 19:33:45

I had three under four, and they were all autumn babies so I was always pregnant in the summer. The tiredness!

Good luck with your pregnancy and birth OP smile

glitterglitters Mon 19-Jun-17 19:35:50

38 weeks with a 2 year old.


Please send help and calippos

IceLollyInThePaddlingPool Mon 19-Jun-17 20:34:21

33 weeks with a 1 year old. Someone I know keeps trying to get me to sign up for (physical) volunteer work. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

MmmMalbec Mon 19-Jun-17 20:42:37

30 weeks with a 2 year old and a husband recovering from an operation. Please let tomorrow be cooler ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

WellErrr Mon 19-Jun-17 20:44:47

Thank you! I was recently pregnant with two under 3s.
I love when people acknowledge how hard it is as they rarely ever do.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! flowers

Pickleshickles Mon 19-Jun-17 20:56:58

34 weeks with a 3 and 5 year old. This is what hell is like.

AmyB1986 Mon 19-Jun-17 21:12:19

23 weeks pregnant with a 7 and 9 year old! Had my cool shower hijacked by my 9 year old followed by my 7 year old after id just finished a shift at work an hour ago.

Still roasting ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

ColourfulOrangex Mon 19-Jun-17 21:23:28

Nearly 36 weeks with a 6 year old - he's very well behaved but the school runs are a nightmare, it's very hilly where we live sad

BikeRunSki Mon 19-Jun-17 21:43:45

I spent most of the summer of my second pregnancy lying on the sofa being sick, with the French Windows open into the (small, flat, enclosed, waterless) garden for 2 yo DS to potter in and out. He watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of biscuits that summer. It was not be best parenting moment.

Floppypotato Mon 19-Jun-17 21:49:05

39+3. 2yo. Unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. The toddler is one issue. The heat is a worse. I have never sweat so much.

Generally hiding indoors with feet in a bucket.

I realise it's rather dramatic but if this baby is much overdue I am going to be distraught.

God speed to'll'll pass..

Lunalovepud Mon 19-Jun-17 21:57:33

32 weeks with toddler.

I am so hot.

I am hoping that newborn plus toddler is easier. Or at least cooler. At the moment I'd settle for just cooler!

TheLionQueen1 Mon 19-Jun-17 21:58:15

I agree Op!! I am also first time pregnant and also salute the pregnant mum's who have dealt with morning sickness with a toddler in tow!! All I kept thinking when I felt rough is thank god I'm only having to worry about me. How did you all do it?!!

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Mon 19-Jun-17 23:15:06

30 weeks with a toddler. I think my sweat 'tache has got it own sweat 'tache I'm that hot.

Can not wait to go to work and still in a air con windowless room tomorrow.

calimommy Tue 20-Jun-17 03:57:40

Stop. Mine will be 4 & 2 next month and I'm 28 weeks now but feeing full term. Plus where I live it's been 40+ degrees everyday. It's like walking out into an oven! I keep reminding myself, this is just temporary...๐Ÿ˜‚ and then we go to the pool and everything is calm again ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Tbf, I remember feeling terrible with my first and I had amazing fluid retention, think Michelin Man, which I dont have this time, so give yourself a break OP, all pregnancies have the potential to be hard, kid or no kids xxx

newbian Tue 20-Jun-17 04:00:48

16 weeks with a 19 month old and I live in a tropical country so it's been 30+ for awhile. It's a test of my endurance that's for sure!

womaninatightspot Tue 20-Jun-17 05:18:00

Oh the joys. I was enormously pregnant with twins whilst juggling a 2yo and a 4yo. It's been two years and I still remember it as being hideously awful.

CaptainWarbeck Tue 20-Jun-17 05:31:27

Lionqueen I had hyperemesis with an energetic 18m old. Literally the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I'm 39 weeks now and it's easier now than it was then despite currently being the size of a house.

First time pregnancies are much more enjoyable I think.

needsomesunshineandwine Tue 20-Jun-17 08:51:09

@ColourfulOrangex I feel you, I had to walk 3 huge hills to get my child to school, was horrendous being huge and spd. I'm so glad I can drive this pregnancy and do the drop off on way to work.

Floppypotato Tue 20-Jun-17 08:52:49

@captainwarbeck - feel your pain.

3 days to go for Due date here. I think it'll cool down and then I'll go into labour. That's my story and and I'm sticking to it!!!! Good luck to you!

Ohb0llocks Tue 20-Jun-17 08:54:34

19 weeks with a 3 year old. Also a SAHM st the moment.

I feel for the women further along but I also feel so fecking hot and uncomfortable

Lules Tue 20-Jun-17 08:56:22

This morning I cried when I opened the fridge because the idea of buttering some toast for my 21 month old made me feel too sick.

14 weeks to go!

Twixes Tue 20-Jun-17 09:01:39

36+5 with a 20 month old. Help me geevus.

The worst was a random trip to our stony local beach as DH wanted to go for a dip. Of course that means me waddling around after DS who keeps running off while DH chats to friends and goes for his swim. I was in such a grump, particularly because it's me who has to lift DS all the time and the bloody stony sand kept getting caught between the sole of my foot and my sandal, grrrrr.

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