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Beach wear

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AnaMaria88 Sun 18-Jun-17 19:56:26

1 piece or 2 pieces costume when we head to the beachconfused? Nearly 39w! We live by the seaside, on this weather is hard to stay far from the beach! I ve been wearing my 1 piece costume all this time and I was wondering if i can expose my baby bump wearing a 2 piece costume?

suffolknclose Sun 18-Jun-17 19:59:42

Totally. It's the only time I can as at least the baby stretches out my normally slightly soft middle.

MonkeyPoozzled76 Sun 18-Jun-17 21:51:37

I'm only 16 weeks but have a bit of a bump. I've been on the beach in Cornwall today in my maternity swim suit, didn't bring anything else as never imagined it'd be quite so lovely.

All I can say is it was bloody hot on the beach and far too hot in the car (I may of removed said swim suit and walked round tesco on the way home in nothing but shorts and a wafty shirt). Deffinately go for a two piece!!

MrsG30 Sun 18-Jun-17 23:29:58

We are meant to be going on holiday on Tuesday (possible need to cancel, but decision made tomorrow, another story!). I'm taking tankinis smile

I'm fat and not comfortable in a bikini (even with bump helpfully smoothing me out!) if you're confident to wear a bikini, go for it!

Mustbeinsane1984 Mon 19-Jun-17 08:18:25

I would wear 2 piece as it is very warm with maternity swim suit. Just keep covered in sun cream and use a parasol for a bit of shade. Apparently skin is more sensitive when pregnant.

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