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Went in for reduced movement

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dippypanda Sat 17-Jun-17 10:03:25

I'm 26 and a half weeks and I noticed on Thursday evening, my baby boy was quieter than usual, he's very active and already has a pattern to his movements. By lunch time yesterday he still hadn't moved moved so rang midwife who advised to go to the PAU which I did. They were brilliant and checked my baby and he had a strong heartbeat etc. So I was relieved. When they were checking my general health they were concerned about my one swollen ankle and noticed my shortness of breath when talking, I've also had random palpitations and dizziness but just attributed that to normal pregnancy stuff. However they carried out several tests. I was cleared of having any clotting issues but my chest X-ray showed my lungs were fine but showed up that I have scoliosis and my my ECG showed that I have an enlarged upper ventricle the heart and have to go back for further tests... I was stunned to say the least. Has anyone else experienced similar where they've gone in for one thing and come out with something totally unexpected? I'm generally fit and healthy, and just relieved our baby is fine, I guess I'm just a little confused at the outcome!

lilyborderterrier Sat 17-Jun-17 18:33:37

Sending hugs my love xx hope you are ok xx at least you can be checked out how they've seen you.

I found out at 13 weeks I have a very large fibroid growing and it's massive. I'm 30 weeks on Tuesday and struggling but being monitored which is a good thing.

Take care xx

dippypanda Sat 17-Jun-17 21:41:24

Thanks lily, you're right at least I can be monitored properly now, just came as a bit of a shock.
Hope you're managing ok too, I don't know too much about fibroids, but have heard they can be quite big. Can they be painful as well? xx

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