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anyone hcg over 2100 not preg 8 week after d&c

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captin1234 Fri 16-Jun-17 22:37:43

what a journey, second miscarriage and now 8 weeks after d&c. i asked for scan that showed no baby at 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms slightly amiss and second pregnancy after miscarriage. had d&c the complete diff recovery to first. anyway weeks later hospital call saying tissue removed was abnomal come in for bloods. over 3 weeks hcg went down up down up then up again so im 8 week post op and now over 2100 hcg i asked for scan cos of pain not period pain strange stretching feeling right abdominal. showed round lump of tissue. so now they getting second opinion on tissue removed. i have to go for another scan and blood test. seems like never ending. i think might be molar even tho they said poss not. only reason hcg rise is preg def not tumor or fertility treatment. what am i expected to think.

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