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Gestational diabeties

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lorza03 Fri 16-Jun-17 04:24:47

Hi. I have been diagnosed with Gd at 30 weeks. I've managed up until now to control my bloods with just my diet. It's not easy but I really don't want to be started on the tablets and this definitely means been induced early which I would really like to avoid. I have a little girl already and she came at 39 + 5days. Has any one had GD and managed to have a "normal" delivery ? X

Meowstro Fri 16-Jun-17 05:01:39

No advice for an experience for previous GD delivery but I will say it gets harder to be diet controlled as time goes on. I was doing so well I thought they'd got it wrong but then all of a sudden my body couldn't tolerate the same things it had before. It's under control on medication and I'm less anxious about it. It's way better for your sugars to be under control on medication as uncontrolled sugars can cause complications with your baby.

Have you spoken to your hospital about how early they would potentially induce you if you were on medication?

There's some great advice here: You might be able to find birth stories on there too, I have seen on the FB page there's definitely induction stories.

Rockspin Fri 16-Jun-17 06:04:13

I had gd with both pregnancies that were both inductions (1st at 38 weeks 2nd at 37 weeks) but both because I was on insulin. NICE guidelines have changed which means if you are on metformin then early induction isn't automatically recommended anymore, and that women can go to term with induction if overdue. That's if there are no other complications of course.
I went straight to insulin with dd1 and I knew from early on I'd be induced at 38 weeks. With dd2 I was on metformin for ages and consultant said over and over again that they wouldnt induce before 40 weeks unless baby was big or there was another complication. But I ended up on insulin and actually had to have induction brought forward as the placenta had started to fail and baby's growth had slowed right down.
First induction took a while, had epidural and drip but unassisted 'normal' delivery and baby had no issues with sugars, we bf and we're home same day.
Second induction was just 4 weeks ago, happened very quickly, less than 24 hours. Actually the birth happened very quickly, so quickly I didn't have time for pain relief and my husband almost missed it! But again an unassisted and straightforward birth and baby's sugars fine, again bf and home same day.

Rockspin Fri 16-Jun-17 06:05:28

NICE guidelines:

OwllwOOwllwO Fri 16-Jun-17 06:13:45

I had GD with DD. Completely diet controlled. When first diagnosed they wanted me to take metaformin but I refused and was pretty strict with my diet. It took a couple of weeks to figure out what was bad for sugar levels but I managed it and I had about 5 high readings in the final few months. For me I had to switch to whole grain pasta and brown rice, avoid potatoes and changed my bread to low sugar (danish bread is great). The main thing is exercise and burning of sugar. I found myself getting in to yoga or going for a walk after a meal. If you have a sweet tooth then boots have a great selection of diabetic treats smile

OwllwOOwllwO Fri 16-Jun-17 06:16:59

Also, I was always told I'd have to be induce because of GD but I went full term and had DD a day before my due date. When I went into labour I had to be hooked up to be monitored constantly which meant no wondering around but I was fine with the bed and birthing ball. Labour was fine and DD was perfect. And I was able to have a massive slice of sugar filled cake the next day 😂

lorza03 Fri 16-Jun-17 13:46:24

Thank you for your advise. I have changed my food a lot and not been eating much bread or potatoes. Just lots of pulses, grains and stuff. No more than 3 portions of fruit a day as this is sutras to but I'm with you @OwllwOOwllwO I am determined to have a normal delivery. If the baby's ok I don't see why I need to have a choice made for me. My body. X

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