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Advice on healing sore/torn muscles in third trimester

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soontobeamum1982 Wed 14-Jun-17 16:56:30

I've had a really sore calf for a week, checked out twice including scan for DVT - all the scaries ruled out (which is good, because I have other complications to worry about).

But my calf is so sore and isn't healing. I've been limping for about a week, and today my other leg has decided to start to join the party. I'm really struggling to move around. The midwife said: "Oh, what you really need is a high dose of ibuprofen... shame that you can't!" Yes, thanks for that, very helpful.

Luckily I only have two more days left of work, but I live up a hill and it's impossible for me not to have to put some weight on it at some point during the coming weeks (I'm only 33 weeks, I can't stay housebound for over a month, i'll go mad!)

Had anyone else had this, due to carrying around the extra weight? How did you help heal it? I'm keeping my legs raised as much as possible.

soontobeamum1982 Wed 14-Jun-17 18:44:11

I should add, I am 'borderline' for gestational diabetes with a repeat glucose tolerance test taking place on Monday. If i've got it i'll be asked to up my exercise/activity levels. How am I going to do that if I can't even walk?

Moan over...

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